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Bridge conditions & economic inequity meet with infrastructure opportunity

July 30th, 2024



The Fastest Analytics and Location Intelligence Platform

Make time-sensitive, high-impact decisions over billions of records with HEAVY.AI

Scale. Interactivity. Choose One Two.

Expand beyond the limitations of traditional BI and GIS by leveraging the full power of modern GPU and CPU hardware so you can extract decision-quality information from your massive datasets without lag

Visual analytics dashboard example

Unprecedented Context Across Location and Time

Unify and explore your largest geospatial and time-series datasets to get the complete picture of the what, when, and where

Spatiotemporal data analytics dashboard example

Where Analytics and Data Science Converge

Combine interactive visual analytics, hardware-accelerated SQL, and an advanced analytics & data science framework to find opportunity and risk hidden in your enterprise when you need to most

Advanced analytics and data science platform