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Helping Communities With HeavyEco

Extreme weather events are on the rise, and it's our mission to streamline emergency response efforts by removing several burdens from local communities. HeavyEco delivers live situational awareness and impact analysis. Both forecasted and current conditions are distilled into a single solution to increase your ability to analyze and make informed decisions.

Webinar Recorded on: March 5, 2024

Key Benefits

An evolution to your rapid response needs

HeavyEco delivers multiple sources of authoritative data that enables municipalities to make decisions based on complex models without needing to invest in time intensive data manipulation tasks.

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Risk Reduction

Enables mitigation planning at both a regional and individual structure level. Observe potential infrastructure and road warning signs before a weather event.

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Real-time & Forecasted Data

Facilitates critical decisions by providing real-time situational awareness of observed and forecast weather and hydrological conditions.

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Increase Efficiency

Reduces time spent on data extraction and processing by providing analysis ready data.

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Continuous Monitoring

Provides local government stakeholders with continuous awareness of forecast changes & the potential impact.

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All-in-one Visualization

Multiple sources of authoritative data are combined and instantly visualized in single easy-to-use dashboards with interactive visual analytics.

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Authoritative Data

Creates a "record of decision" to provide confidence and accuracy in data sources.

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Driving Insights

What questions can HeavyEco answer?

  • Localized Forecasts: Find and predict conditions across multiple regions (city & census block, community, watershed, etc.)

  • Infrastructure and Building Impact: Identify potential impact on roads, facilities, residential, and businesses within a forecasted event.

  • Schedule: HeavyEco keeps you informed with frequent updates and allows you to plan based on short-, medium- and long-term forecasts.

  • Staffing Allocation: Get quick answers to give you more time to plan and coordinate where to preposition key resources.

  • Equipment & Resource Impact: Localized predictions allow you to implement pre-event preparedness plans for things like storm drain cleanout or pre-positioning of emergency equipment or materials.

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Solving shared challenges

We're tackling the most pressing issues.

  • Data at Scale: With massive geospatial data and more sensors coming on-line daily, our high resolution datasets provide granularity and advance warnings teams need.

  • Decision Confidence: Data is often scattered across multiple teams and agencies, in difficult-to-integrate formats. With HeavyEco, our robust pipeline integrates multiple datasets into one holistic decision-making solution.

  • Time Sensitivity: Difficulties in response time due to systems latency or manual processes. Our interactive dashboards allow for faster decision making to help protect life and property.

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