Interactive Visual Analytics Demos

With HEAVY.AI's immersive analytics capability, extracting decision-quality information from massive datasets is now an interactive experience. See for yourself.


Unlock the power of your data with our cutting-edge data-to-visualization AI solution. Seamlessly transforming natural language into rich visualizations. Our AI technology can work with complex datasets and create intuitive visualizations. Elevate your analytics process and stay ahead of the curve with HEAVYIQ today!

Explore the diversity of your hometown or favorite vacation spot in the United States! See how it developed and evolved over the last 30 years and four censuses using dot density mapping and interactive dashboards. Ask questions about population movement and migration, and instantaneously answer them through stunning visual analysis.

Track ships through US coastal waters using a distributed cluster of the HeavyDB, featuring over 11 billion rows of AIS (Automated Identification System) telemetry data, courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard. Gain insights into the navigation patterns of shipping traffic around major US ports, or see how fishing boats follow the seasonal movement of their catch.

Interactively explore a US oil and gas dataset from MineralAnswers covering nearly 300 million well production records from nearly 1.3 million wells, spanning 20 years of well performance. Analyze production decline performance, correlations, rate of change and compile formation-based type curves in seconds.

Play with and instantly visualize hundreds of millions of tweets in real time, from the global level all the way down to your neighborhood. See this amazing tweet map live.

Explore every taxi ride in NYC over a 7-year period with this NYC taxi data visualization, constituting 1.2 billion trips, joined to the building footprint of every store within 30 meters of a pickup or dropoff. Commercial point-of-interest (POI) data courtesy of Factual.

View historical flight data such as delays and other activity from almost 3 decades, and see which airlines got you there on time. Only HEAVY.AI makes this demanding level of flight data processing possible.