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ENERGY and natural resources

Unlock Value from Your Energy and Natural Resources Industry Data

Interact with time-series data in a real-time, geospatial context to determine productivity drivers, assess suitable land, and understand benchmark performance

Trusted by Energy Industry Experts

Take Action on Upstream Production Data

HEAVY.AI and IHS Markit help industry professionals understand why wells are over or underperforming their estimated potential, compare daily drill and well performance, and evaluate production trends across basins.

Evaluate Optimal Renewable Resource Sites Upstream

Big data analytics in renewable energy: An industry leader uses HEAVY.AI to interactively assess the profitability of land using massive multi-sourced datasets representing location, time, landscape, and weather to determine where their customers should make wind, solar, biomass, hydroelectric, or geothermal energy investments.

Broker Energy Acquisitions Downstream

Oil and gas data analytics: HEAVY.AI has partnered with an industry expert to accelerate the brokerage of diversified energy acquisitions by allowing professionals to connect energy buyers and sellers quickly and interactively pinpoint market opportunities buried in vast, disparate data sources.




HEAVY.AI Benefits at a Glance

Accelerated Insights

Harness the power of GPU and CPUs for query compilation, query vectorization, and advanced three-tier memory management.

Data Accessibility

Layer multiple data sets for new context, and leverage our data catalog for streamlined access to curated data sets.

Limitless Exploration

Seamlessly switch to python, including JupyterLab, and continue to explore your energy data set with your familiar data science tools.

Location Intelligence

Bring spatiotemporal data to life with native support for interactively querying, filtering and visualizing it in milliseconds.

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