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HEAVY.AI Product Overview

Heavy Decisions. High Impact.

Instantly inform your most critical decisions with stunning visualizations, accelerated geospatial intelligence, and advanced analytics

Powerful and Effortless Visual Analytics

Combine your operation's background knowledge and creativity with accelerated graphics and computing to place people at the center of your data-driven decisions

  • Fuse and cross-filter multi-dimensional data on common attributes
  • Uncover surprising multi-factor relationships from any number of internal and external data sources
  • Quickly iterate between dashboard parameters to perform projections, estimations, and comparisons
  • Construct filter sets and track them over time and place to gain a more focused, visual understanding of related groups

Interactive Geospatial Intelligence At-Scale

Map and analyze your largest geospatial and time-series datasets to connect the dots in previously impossible ways

  • Tap into state-of-the-art graphics capabilities to see and interact with every point, line, and polygon, both in a global context and stunning granular detail
  • Native support for Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) formats and data types  
  • A suite of hardware-accelerated GeoSQL functions and operations

Advanced Analytics Your Way

Your favorite data science tools are now 100X+ faster with GPU and CPU parallel compute. Open scalable advanced analytics to a bigger audience without vendor or technology lock-in

  • Switch from investigation to experimentation in JupyterLab with a single click
  • Create powerful extensions with Python-based User Defined Functions (UDFs) using Numba
  • Seamlessly integrate with external libraries, including; Prophet, Dask, and Modin
  • Use Apache Arrow for optimized interchange with python and javascript tools