Data Science Platform

Data science at the speed and scale of curiosity

The HEAVY.AI data science platform makes it easy to ask the biggest questions of your big data

Immerse Yourself in Your Data

Exploratory Data Analysis, turbocharged

Build models and exploratory dashboards over billion-row datasets in minutes. Visually overlay new datasets for richer context - no coding required.

Spatiotemporal insight at your fingertips

With just a mouse or trackpad, zoom in from data at world-level across multiple years, to street-level covering a few seconds.

Deep behavioral analytics in a few clicks

With spatiotemporal cohort analytics, track detailed behavior patterns through space and time easily.

Explore and Experiment at Unprecedented Scale

Built-in Jupyter notebook support

Switch from exploration to experimentation in JupyterLab with a single click. Build visual data science workflows with minimal data movement.

Deep integration with PyData tools

Visualize at scale with Altair and Holoviews, powered by Ibis. Seamlessly integrate with external libraries including Prophet, Dask and Ray/Modin.

Powerful extensibility and interfaces

Create powerful extensions with Python-based compiled User Defined Functions using Numba. Use Apache Arrow for optimized interchange with python and javascript tools.

Open Source, Powered by HEAVY.AI

Foundational support for Open Source

HeavyDB, charting and connectivity libraries have always been open source under the Apache 2.0 license.

Community-driven data science

Partnering with Quansight and Intel, HEAVY.AI is sustaining innovation in open Python data science and data visualization projects including Ibis, Altair, Holoviews and Modin.

Scalable, big data science for everyone

Working within existing open source communities and extending them to support scalable backends, HEAVY.AI opens up scalable data science and big data analytics to a bigger audience, without vendor or technology lock-in.

Get Started with HEAVY.AI for Data Science

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Data Science