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Public Sector

Government Data Analytics for DoD, IC, & Civilian

Federal, state, and local governments have a tremendous opportunity to unlock decision-quality information from the flood of data from sensors, satellites, and more

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Defense and Intelligence

Actionable intelligence is time-sensitive. Yet the scale of modern public sector data is too large for timely analysis or visualization. HEAVY.AI provides extreme acceleration for actionable insights and full rendering support for visualization. Now analysts can layer geospatial data as it arrives. They can visualize billions of points and complex polygons at unparalleled speeds. They can perform advanced SQL queries with a click. They can dig deep into data sets in near real-time.


Government agencies collect and store massive volumes of data. Yet they're hindered by the limitations of legacy analytics platforms. They're unable to overcome the challenges of speed and scale. HEAVY.AI gives these agencies the ability to unlock new use cases from their big data. This unlocks large-scale, interactive, location analytics at a fraction of the hardware footprint.

The ability to interact with and visualize billions of data elements in real-time is a transformative capability for our national security partners.

George Hoyem
Managing Partner, Investments, In-Q-Tel

How HEAVY.AI Serves

Defense & Intelligence

Data analytics is mission critical. HEAVY.AI enables the DoD & IC to visualize billions of rows with interactive, millisecond speeds and insight.
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Geospatial visualization provides government agencies with new insights from their big data. There has never been greater need, or opportunity, to invest in big data analytics for government.
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Webinar: Mitigating the Risk of Wildfires with Accelerated Analytics

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