Don't Get Caught Off Guard by Hidden Risks

Perform advanced utility analytics on your big smart meter, IoT, and Earth observation datasets, so you can visualize hidden risks, maximize uptime, and keep the community safe

Manage Vegetation and Secure Public Safety

A major US utility and HEAVY.AI actively support vegetation management projects near their transmission infrastructure using advanced modeling, remotely sensed imagery, and hardware-accelerated web mapping. Their infrastructure's environmental conditions constantly change and require continuous risk evaluation via real-time utility analytics to prevent a catastrophic event. 

Monitor Assets and Identify Revenue Streams

HEAVY.AI provides real-time interactivity at scale with advanced analytics utilities proficiency, all on intuitive, customizable dashboards. Utility providers can monitor asset performance, track resource use, and identify unseen business opportunities. Drill into hundreds of millions of smart meter and sensor data points for unparalleled cost savings. Avoid expensive spot market pricing through real-time energy demand forecasting, and reduce fraud & leakage through real-time utility data analytics on consumptions patterns and anomalies.

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[HEAVY.AI]… was the world’s first to create basically a database engine on top of GPUs… it’s just completely amazing, to be able to access databases so large completely in-memory and be able to interact with it, create graphs out of it, query it with AI, visualize it, all in real time. Completely revolutionary stuff"

Jensen Huang

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