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HeavyIQ takes advantage of the latest LLM (large language model) technology so you can ask questions of your data in natural language and get back actionable visualizations.


Explore your data with unprecedented ease

HeavyIQ allows you to go beyond SQL and interrogate your data with natural language, with the results automatically visualized or when appropriate, summarized with natural language.

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Intuitive Natural Language Interface

Avoid the complexities of writing SQL or navigating complex BI interfaces by asking questions directly of your data

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Choose to keep your data within your organization. We ensure the highest level of security and privacy, protecting your proprietary data.

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Harvest the power and parallelism of modern GPU hardware to access previously unimaginable data volumes. See results in seconds not minutes.

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HeavyIQ Demos

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Explore United States tweets from January 2020 through April 2021. Notable events from this time period include the US Elections, Hurricane Laura, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, Covid, Meme stocks and the Crypto Craze.

Example Prompts

Top 10 states for the number of tweets per capita excluding District of Columbia

Percentage of tweets mentioning "y'all" or "yall" per state

Number of mentions of bitcoin per day on Twitter and the daily high price of bitcoin

6 Tables

395M Rows

166 Columns

top down view of an airport

Federal Aviation Administration Flights

Demo includes 35 years of United States Federal Aviation Administration flight data from 1987-2023. Some areas you can explore include changes in air traffic, delays, cancellations, routes, airports, aircraft, flight distance, and flight times.

Example Prompts

Percentage of flights canceled for weather related reasons by month of year and hour of day

Number of seats on departing flights per capita per state in 2023

Distinct routes flown by Virgin America in 2016 which were NOT flown by Alaska Airlines in 2023

4 Tables

217M Rows

131 Columns

Flights - Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Data

Demo includes over 1B flight records from February 19 - March 1, 2022. These are the days just before and into the Ukraine - Russia conflict. You can explore flight paths of aircraft with a prompt which starts with “Show the location of . . .” along with exploring other data like aircraft altitude and speed.

Example Prompts

Show a histogram of number of records by altitude (bins of 1,000 feet between 0 and 60,000 feet) and speed (bins of 10 knots between 0 and 700 knots)

Show the location of all Ryanair flights over Ireland, France, United Kingdom, and Spain on February 22, 2022

Return the average speed of aircraft by their decade of manufacture, in order of decade, from 1930 through 2023

3 Tables

1B Rows

172 Columns

Twitter Demo Data: Key events from 2020-2021

Data through the lens of current events

HeavyIQ takes advantage of the latest LLM (a large language model) technology to turn your questions into actionable visualizations backed by tabular data, all while providing the SQL driving your query.

us election map
3th, 2020
2020 US Elections
The tweet activity associated with the democratic and republican presidential election candidates, doesn't necessarily line up well with the traditional 'blue' and 'red' areas of the country.
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Of Voting Population
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hurricane map
Hurricane Laura
As with most big events, you see increased activity as the 'event' approaches and then passes. This is true for Hurricane Laura which hit the southern US gulf coast in late August 2020. As expected, the most concentrated area for the tweets is where the hurricane came ashore.
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in Damages
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Costliest hurricane
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Number of tweets during the jan 6th riots
6th, 2021
Capital Riots
You can see the date that the riot took place based upon the number of tweets mentioning "riot" during January 2021 along with the increased number tweets in the days following January 6.
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stock price overtime for gamestop meme stock
Meme Stock
During January 2021 GameStop retail investors took on hedge funds and drove the stock price sky high. You can see the increase in the number of GameStop tweets as the price rose.
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Peak Price per share
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short sellers loss
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Covid deaths and vaccination chart
Covid Vaccine
As we pushed through 2020 and progress toward a vaccine was made, you can see the increase in tweets mentioning “covid vaccine”. You can see mentions trend up in November as vaccine trial data was released and then again in December when FDA emergency use authorization was provided.
facemask icon



Covid cases
heartbeat icon



US Deaths
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dual graph of bitcoin stock prices overtime
Bitcoin rises
Crypto craze
Cryptocurrency really caught on in 2020 and continued into 2021. You can see the number of mentions of Bitcoin increase as the daily max price of Bitcoin moves to 60,000.
bitcoin icon


(Jan 1, 2020)

Starting value
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per bitcoin

All-time high
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