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Mythili Gopalakrishnan

Mythili is Senior Director of Product Management at MapD. She has 15 years of expertise in the enterprise software industry, with a focus on analytics, data discovery and visualization. Prior to joining MapD she was Director of Product Management at Adaptive Insights where she lead the analytics strategy and execution for Adaptive's EPM Suite. Prior, she was part of the product team at Salesforce that launched the Wave Analytics Platform. She holds several patents as part of her work at Adaptive Insights, SAP & Vontu (acquired by Symantec).

Introducing MapD Immerse Enterprise as Part of the MapD 3.4 Release

We are pleased to announce MapD Immerse Enterprise as part of the MapD 3.4 release. MapD Immerse Enterprise is generally available as part of MapD Enterprise edition and includes three important features: multisource dashboards, multilayer geo charts, and dashboard auto-refresh.