HEAVY.AI Product Features

Heavy Lifting.
No Sweat.

Hardware-accelerated analytics and visualization built for timely, high-impact decisions

Heavy Immerse

Immerse is a browser-based, interactive visual analytics client that dramatically expands your ability to find previously hidden opportunities and risks in your enterprise. Configure dashboards and uncover surprising multi-factor relationships from your big location and time datasets. Instantly cross-filter, fuse, and perform projections & comparisons with clicks, not code.

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DB is a SQL-based, relational, and columnar database engine specifically developed to harness the massive parallelism of modern GPU and CPU hardware. It can query up to billions of rows in milliseconds and is capable of unprecedented ingestion speeds, making it the ideal SQL engine for the era of big, high-velocity data.

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Heavy Render

Render works server-side to bring you interactive, zero-latency maps, scatterplots, and other visualizations at scale. It uses GPU hardware, modern graphics APIs, and an interface based on vega visualization grammar to generate custom visualizations. Render creates and sends lightweight PNG images to the web browser, avoiding large data volume transfers. You can see the underlying data within the visualizations as if it were browser-side with blazing fast HeavyDB SQL queries.

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HeavyConnect, the newest addition to the HEAVY.AI stack, gives you faster access to your data. Take a no-movement approach to accessing data in your warehouses, lakes, and enterprise databases. Just point to your datasets and make them readily available for queries, analysis, and data exploration without loading them directly into HeavyDB. HeavyConnect intelligently captures changes in your data connections and accounts for the differences.