Geospatial Intelligence in Federal

Geospatial Intelligence is Scaling Rapidly

The volume of spatiotemporal data is scaling faster than government data analytics solutions and geographic information systems (GIS) can handle. Federal agencies have access to a growing number of data sources, from satellites and sensors, to drones and Internet of Things (IoT), to telematics and telecommunications data. Billions of location-rich records are available to support real-time missions, such as pattern-of-life analysis, battlefield situational awareness, urban planning, disaster response, emergency management, and tracking diseases and epidemics, to name a few. Geospatial intelligence analysts need a platform that can query and render massive spatiotemporal data sets with millisecond latency to overcome today’s challenges of geospatial intelligence. This platform must be capable of supporting analysts and decision-makers in geospatial intelligence missions through interactive, real-time, visual exploration.

Accelerate Existing GIS or Use the HEAVY.AI Dashboard for Advanced Geospatial Intelligence

HEAVY.AI leverages the power of CPUs and GPUs to accelerate existing analytics solutions, or to render interactive visualization of massive geospatial datasets, all with millisecond latency. HEAVY.AI partners with the biggest GIS providers to accelerate their existing GIS analysis, which removes the training time for analysts, while dramatically accelerating their queries. HEAVY.AI can also be used to generate custom pointmaps, heatmaps, choropleths, and scatterplots that adjust immediately as the analyst explores the data analytics dashboard. With server-side rendering, HEAVY.AI avoids the latency issues of many popular geospatial intelligence applications which move very large volumes of geospatial data across the internet. HEAVY.AI renders geospatial query results directly onto the back-end CPU or GPU and passes an interactive PNG to the front-end browser. HEAVY.AI can also render millions of complex polygons at once, transforming flat, one-dimensional maps into interactive objects to explore geospatial context and find insights quickly enough to inform real-time decisions. Equipped with instant, interactive visual analytics, geospatial intelligence imagery analysts can immerse themselves in their data.

HEAVY.AI GPU-Acceleration is the Future of Geospatial Intelligence

With HEAVY.AI, Federal agencies have the power to render geospatial intelligence with millisecond results, or to accelerate their existing analytics solutions at incredible speeds. The HEAVY.AI Platform is capable of cross filtering billions of geo data points on a map to run geo calculations at a scale far beyond the ability of existing geospatial intelligence systems. These advancements in geospatial intelligence analysis tools unlock a wealth of new use cases, such as All-Source Intelligence Analysis, Fleet Management, Logistics Operations, and beyond.

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