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All-Source Intelligence Analysis

Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Military Intelligence Analysis

Today’s information environment poses a unique challenge to military intelligence analysts. An avalanche of intelligence is collected from an array of different sources, including: human (HUMINT); signals (SIGINT); imagery (IMINT/GEOINT); open-source (OSINT); and measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT). Combined, this intelligence collect challenges, corroborates, and adds to their battlefield picture and lifts the fog of war. It helps defense and intelligence analysts understand and predict events, and gives policy-makers a diplomatic edge. Yet the sheer speed and scale of this intelligence collect surpasses the ability to process, analyze, and visualize it. Traditional analytics solutions are unable to handle all of this data, thereby limiting the value of the intelligence collect and limiting the ability of analysts to protect the homeland.

Accelerated Analytics for Real-Time Situational Awareness

Only HEAVY.AI provides the SQL engine capable of maneuvering this trove of all source data and visualizing it all at the speed of thought. HEAVY.AI gives intelligence and defense analysts and leaders an interactive dashboard capable of ingesting and visualizing vast amounts of data from multiple sources. They can toggle layers of intelligence data across a single geochart, to derive actionable geospatial intelligence and insights for mission success. With a single click, military intelligence analysts with no SQL training can unleash an advanced SQL query on a massive dataset with millisecond results. This allows for iterative all-source intelligence analysis on up to billions of records simultaneously, and the ability to zoom to a single event, all with zero latency.

The Freedom of GPU-Accelerated All-Source Intelligence Analysis

HEAVY.AI is already used in the public sector to accelerate use cases bogged down by traditional military intelligence analysis tools, and to unlock a wealth of new use cases that would not be possible without accelerated analytics. From logistics operations and emergency management, to situational awareness and all-source intelligence analysis, HEAVY.AI is the dashboard that analyzes and visualizes massive datasets with millisecond results. See how HEAVY.AI enables GPU-accelerated defense analytics and GPU-accelerated public sector analytics for instant insights in these solution briefs.