Public Sector Fleet Management

Government Fleet Modernization Means More Data

Federal, state and local governments are responsible for massive fleets of police, fire, refuse, maintenance, and general service or military vehicles. As public sector fleet managers and other municipal authorities modernize their fleets, they leverage vehicle telematics data to analyze driver behavior, dispatch units, track movements, and perform diagnostics and preventative maintenance. Yet the scale of this telematics data is beyond the capabilities of their existing public sector fleet analytics tools. For example, a single city bus loaded with a few sensors and cameras can generate up to 10mb of data per mile. Multiplied by thousands of buses over hundreds of routes, city or municipal fleet managers, data scientists and analysts are unable to predict maintenance needs, resulting in costly downtime. They’re unable to study passenger boarding patterns to optimize bus scheduling or to optimize routing and thereby encourage public transportation.

Visualize Public Fleet Utilization Metrics and Take Action

HEAVY.AI is the accelerated SQL database for analyzing and visualizing public fleet data at scale. Through an intuitive, interactive dashboard, fleet managers and analysts can spot prolonged fleet idle time to help reduce extraneous fuel costs. With a few clicks, fleet analysts can use a heatmap to visualize public transit activity, then draw polygons around the heatmap and crossfilter by time to better understand and improve bus capacity. With HEAVY.AI, public sector fleet managers can use their massive vehicle telematics datasets to improve the routing of waste and recycling trucks, or to visualize which streets have been plowed and salted. Public sector fleet managers can view the entire fleet or zoom down to individual vehicles or spatiotemporal events with millisecond latency for an unparalleled interactive analytical experience. This experience leads to insights, and insights to action.

Driving Fleets with Public Sector Vehicle Telematics Data

Whether you’re tracking public fleets, logistics trucks, ships, or the movement of oil, gas, and other minerals, the HEAVY.AI platform monitors millions, and billions, of vehicle telematics data points allowing seamless visualization of all government fleet vehicles in aggregate, or down to single, granular data point. HEAVY.AI's accelerated analytics platform is the only solution capable of handling this massive volume of data, making it an indispensable part of your government fleet management software toolkit. Find out what else HEAVY.AI does for the Public Sector.