Interactive Analytics at Massive Scale, Accelerated by Intel

HEAVY.AI platform is perfectly designed to leverage Intel’s optimizations of data & analytics workloads at all scales to help solve shared enterprise customer needs and challenges

About Our Partnership

In 2019, HEAVY.AI launched a CPU-optimized version that enables data scientists to run analytics in milliseconds on billion+ row datasets, leveraging the latest Intel hardware.

HEAVY.AI analytics platform is capable of leveraging Intel® Xeon Scalable processors and Intel® Optane persistent memory to achieve interactive performance at any scale, on everything from a laptop to a multi-node cluster.

HEAVY.AI is collaborating with Intel to make the HEAVY.AI platform available on all modern Intel processor families as well as continuing collaboration around Intel Optane and Intel Xe dGPU.

HEAVY.AI provides backend support to Intel Distribution of Modin, a performant pandas-like data frame library, that is a key component of Intel’s oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit, an end-to-end suite of optimized data science and analytics software tools.

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Through our work together, we demonstrated that analyzing a terabyte of data using Intel Xeon processors and HEAVY.AI's platform is easily handled, and compares favorably to competing alternatives...We are confident that HEAVY.AI’s offering will provide significant value to our customers who seek to significantly accelerate their advanced analytics and data science workflows.

Wei Li

Intel Vice President of Machine Learning