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IoT Visualization

IoT Visualization Definition

One of the greatest challenges facing the IoT industry is the management and interpretation of its vast streams of data. IoT visualizations of data, taking the form of real-time, interactive graphs and charts, are crucial for processing and deriving actionable insights from big data analytics in IoT.

IoT Visualization example of a visual analytics dashboard.


What is IoT Visualization?

IoT applications were projected to have reached 200 million connections during 2020, with 44 percent of cellular IoT connections projected to be broadband IoT by 2026*. And with the introduction of 5G New Radio, throughput data rates will only continue to increase at unprecedented volumes. 

The convergence of IoT and big data presents tremendous value for businesses across all major industries, if it can be harnessed effectively. Unlocking the potential of IoT data requires the use of IoT visualization software, visual analytics, data science, IoT analytics, and the ability to visualize IoT data in real time and at scale. IoT data analytics and visualization tools must be agile, capable of rendering millions of spatiotemporal points, capable of ingesting and drilling down to specific events throughout billions of data points, all in an instant. 

IoT visualization tools are an essential component in helping managers and analysts understand and interpret data from smart sensors, smart meters, and other IoT devices in fields such as vehicle telematics, utilities, manufacturing, and telecommunications. 

IoT data visualization tools and techniques include: 

  • Scatterplots, which show relationships between different elements 
  • Line graphs, which shows changes over a linear time frame
  • Pie charts, which categorize the parts of a single unit
  • Bar charts, which compare two or more values
  • Interactive maps, which facilitate exploration in a geospatial context

Advanced IoT visualization platforms offer such IoT data visualization capabilities as multisource data analytics dashboards, multilayer geo charts, cross filtering, and geospatial contextualization. These tools enable decision makers in IoT fields to quickly analyze enormous volumes of IoT data at-a-glance, easily identify otherwise hidden patterns and correlations between variables, identify upcoming trends, and improve collaboration. Data visualization in IoT also helps the human eye visualize and fully comprehend the machine learning algorithms commonly used in IoT technologies.

Importance of Data Visualization in IoT

IoT has become an intrinsic part of our economy. Applications include ride sharing, fleet management, smart homes, grid optimization, customer churn analysis, network reliability analysis, predictive maintenance, customer satisfaction analysis, and more. IoT and big data, now inseparable entities, present enormous value to businesses. Vast quantities of continuously streaming data are filled with new insights, but only if business leaders and analysts can understand them. 

IoT visualization tools help humans comprehend the volume, velocity, variety, and veracity of IoT data being ingested by IoT analytics platforms. Visual metaphors are an easily consumed, universal language that is significantly more effective at conveying information than text alone. 

Mainstream, static spreadsheet tools typically max out at approximately 100,000 rows, and are therefore an insufficient solution for visualizing IoT data at scale. Advanced IoT data visualization platforms are capable of ingesting IoT data and rendering interactive IoT visualizations that are constantly updating and enable adjustment of parameters in real-time.

Does HEAVY.AI Offer an IoT Visualization Solution?

The use of big data and visualization in IoT necessitates a big data analytics platform that is robust enough to enable users to visualize, interact with, and fully harness the power of unprecedented volumes of IoT data, and turn it into useful information. 

HEAVY.AI Immerse works seamlessly with the server-side power of HEAVY.AI to enable analysts and data scientists to easily visualize and instantly interact with massive IoT data streams, and significantly expands data analysts’ ability to quickly find previously hidden insights. Immerse provides a truly immersive, visual analytics experience with a power combination of features, such as instantaneous, cross-filtering, and the option to run handwritten IoT visual programming queries in lieu of generated queries.