Interactive Analytics

Interactive Analytics Definition

Interactive analytics refers to the use of visual analytics and master data management systems to process massive, unstructured datasets, and enable non-technical users to easily run complex queries, analyze, visualize, and model data via interactive analytics dashboards in real-time.

OmniSci interactive analytics dashboard displays various interactive data visualizations so users can easily understand the data.

What is Interactive Analytics?

Interactive data analytics is an extension of real-time analytics that accelerates the analytics process with a combination of distributed database systems and rendering capabilities, and helps users maximize the analytical capabilities of Business Intelligence technologies. 

Advanced interactive analytics systems provide a powerful combination of features, such as instantaneous cross filtering, geospatial exploration, in-memory analytics, multilayer geocharts, multisource dashboards, and high velocity data, which help analysts visualize, explore, and forensically examine large, unstructured datasets in dynamic ways in real-time. 

An interactive data visualization client combines a database engine, dynamic visualizations, and interactive capabilities, which work together to facilitate reduced time to insights, discovery of hidden relevant insights, drastically faster analysis and modeling speeds, and a customizable, in-memory analytics environment in which analysts can constantly update inputs and models to measure the effect of different variables. 

Interactive real-time analytics is an essential component in improving the user experience for non-technical users, and in helping organizations make data-driven decisions and derive actionable insights from vast, ever-increasing volumes of data at competitive speeds. 

Interactive geospatial analytics is particularly useful in the fields of telecommunications, military, weather, urban planning and development, and natural resource exploration. Massive-scale scatterplots and geo charts can be rendered instantly, with instant refresh and zoom capabilities, and layering functions within the same map to provide easy identification of spatial relationships.

Does HEAVY.AI Offer an Interactive Analytics Solution?

Interactive visual analytics for big data requires support from an advanced, enterprise-grade analytics platform. HEAVY.AI’s Immerse works seamlessly with the server-side power of HEAVY.AI to enable analysts and data scientists to easily visualize and instantly interact with massive data sets. 

Immerse generates rendering specifications using Vega Visualization, which provides the agility of a lightweight frontend with the parallel power and rendering capabilities of a GPU engine. 

HEAVY.AI's Interactive Visual Analytics Platform provides a truly immersive, interactive visual analytics experience that drastically reduces the time to insights and dramatically expands data analysts’ ability to find previously hidden insights.