Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence Definition

Data intelligence is the use of various tools and methods to analyze and transform data into information from which valuable insight can be drawn.


What is Data Intelligence?

Data intelligence refers to the practice of using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to analyze and transform massive datasets into intelligent data insights, which can then be used to improve services and investments. The application of data intelligence tools and techniques can help decision makers develop a better understanding of collected information with the goal of developing better business processes.

The five major components of data driven intelligence are descriptive data, prescriptive data, diagnostic data, decisive data, and predictive data. These disciplines focus on understanding data, developing alternative knowledge, resolving issues, and analyzing historical data to predict future trends. Some industries with the greatest need for data intelligence include cybersecurity, finance, health, insurance, and law enforcement. Intelligent data capture technology is a valuable application in these industries for transforming print documents or images into meaningful data.

Intelligent data is a core component of big data and business intelligence. Intelligent data processing provides a strong data foundation, restructuring and enhancing big datasets that AI uses; cleanses and transforms data into information that is valuable and relevant to business performance; enables businesses to identify patterns, make informed decisions, and adapt to new information; and incorporate advanced analytics techniques to enhance visualized prescriptive and predictive analytics.

Intelligent Data Analysis Definition

Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) is an interdisciplinary study that is concerned with the extraction of useful knowledge from data, drawing techniques from a variety of fields, such as artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, pattern recognition, and statistics. Data intelligence platforms and data intelligence solutions are available from data intelligence companies such as Data Visualization Intelligence, Strategic Data Intelligence, Global Data Intelligence.

What is Intelligent Data Analysis?

Intelligent data analysis refers to the use of analysis, classification, conversion, extraction organization, and reasoning methods to extract useful knowledge from data. This data analytics intelligence process generally consists of the data preparation stage, the data mining stage, and the result validation and explanation stage.

Data preparation involves the integration of required data into a dataset that will be used for data mining; data mining involves examining large databases in order to generate new information; result validation involves the verification of patterns produced by data mining algorithms; and result explanation involves the intuitive communication of results.

What is Big Data Intelligence?

Big data intelligence involves the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make big data analytics actionable and transform big data into insights, and provides engagement capabilities for data scientists, enterprise analytics strategists, data intelligence warehouse architects, and implementation and development experts. Enterprise data intelligence is used in business intelligence operations, analyzing sales, evaluating inventories, and building customer data intelligence.

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Does HEAVY.AI Offer a Data Intelligence Solution?

HEAVY.AI Immerse is an interactive visual analytics client for big data that enables analysts and data scientists to easily visualize and instantly interact with massive datasets. Immerse works seamlessly with the server-side power of HEAVY.AI to reveal previously hidden insights and reduce time to insights.