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Interactive Analytics to Satisfy Unlimited Curiosity

As the torrent of big data flows in from more sources, in greater volumes, big data analysts and data scientists are increasingly frustrated with lack of performance in handling large volumes of data from mainstream analytics tools that were designed in a past era.

HEAVY.AI allows our users to exercise unbounded curiosity when exploring data. As the pioneer in GPU-accelerated analytics, the HEAVY.AI platform is used to find insights in data beyond the limits of mainstream CPU-based analytics tools.

Open Source

It’s no accident that the most important Big Data platforms are open source. Open source is the fastest path to innovation. HeavyDB open source invites that innovation, accelerates our collaboration for end-to-end data science pipelines on the GPU and protects our customers from locking themselves into one approach.

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HEAVY.AI Core Open Source Analytic Database

HEAVY.AI open sourced our HeavyDB SQL engine because we know our code is solid. We wanted to put it on the fastest path to innovation.

Apache Arrow for Data Science Pipelines

The open source Apache Arrow framework for sharing in-memory data connects feature engineering in HEAVY.AI to partner ML technologies.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In from Proprietary Code

We will always work to make HeavyDB better. Rather than lock customers in with proprietary code, we work every day to make our SQL engine better, in the open.

Interactive Real-Time Analytics

The journey towards discovery is not linear. Nor should it be one of mindless meandering. We want everyone to be curious again and explore any hypothesis–to ask question upon question, without curiosity-defeating latency. So we designed a platform that smooths all the obstacles to exploration, making you feel like you are one with your data.

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Native SQL

SQL is the language of analytics. HEAVY.AI supports standard SQL semantics but returns query results hundreds of times faster than mainstream SQL engines.

Server-Side Rendering

When you render millions of shapes or billions of points on the GPU, HEAVY.AI sends a PNG image to the browser. Visually interact with big data, without data movement.

GIS and BI Combined

Location data is now a first-class citizen for business intelligence, a steel thread that combines BI and GIS, too long treated as separate and distinct types of analysis

Innovation in GPU Computing

HEAVY.AI radically evolves analytics through GPU acceleration. HeavyDB is the first SQL engine to natively harness GPU computing for analytics, and we open sourced that technology. We were the first to deliver truly interactive, real-time analytics and visual interaction with multi-billion row data sets. We made GPU analytics available in the cloud. And HEAVY.AI was first to deliver geo data calculations and server-side rendering of polygons on GPUs.

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The Fastest Open Source SQL Queries

HeavyDB compiles SQL queries and processes them in parallel across thousands on GPU cores, for millisecond results on billions of records.

Immersive, Visual, Real-Time Interaction

HeavyImmerse makes you one with your data. Interact with any map, chart or graph, all cross-filtered in context with each other and refreshed in real-time.

A New Kind of Location Intelligence

Location data is now Big Data. HEAVY.AI was created for geospatial analysis at scale and renders billions of points or millions of polygons on interactive maps.

Scalability and High Availability

When your data grows, your need for analytical speed will not diminish. You cannot settle for slow performance at scale. HEAVY.AI is future-proof, with linear scaling of hardware, high availability across many servers, and a cloud SaaS option to offload peak demand or as a replacement for analytics platforms in your the data center.

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Distributed Scale Out

HEAVY.AI’s distributed architecture allows your IT team to add servers and maintain query performance even as the data grows to extreme scale.

High Availability

HEAVY.AI replicates data across multiple servers for resiliency. As data and use cases grow, add new servers to maintain millisecond performance.


HEAVY.AI Cloud X is a managed service running on the major public cloud service providers, saving you the responsibility of procuring GPU hardware.

Fastest Time to Value

Software deployment and data ingestion are necessary steps to delivering a platform that changes how you do analytics. We want you to get that value immediately, so we created a real time analytical platform that makes implementation, user adoption, ingestion and data processing easy. HEAVY.AI gives you immediate value for your investment.

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Easy Deployment

Other analytic platforms using GPUs require weeks of professional services. HEAVY.AI requires no tuning, and implementation takes hours, not weeks.

Extreme Usability

HEAVY.AI is fast and interactive, but we also made it easy and intuitive. You’ll be building insightful dashboards in minutes, without any training.

Rapid Data Ingest

Data is everywhere, and HEAVY.AIlets you ingest millions of records per second, using familiar ingest technologies like Kafka, JDBC, or Sqoop.

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