OmniSci Welcomes SafeGraph and Veraset to Its Data Catalog, Providing POI/GPS Data for Commercial, Business, Government

Two Partner Companies Allow OmniSci Users to Analyze Populations and Their Movement Patterns at Stores, Airports, Shopping Malls, Office Buildings and Other Public Locations

SAN FRANCISCO – (May 27, 2020) – OmniSci, the pioneer in accelerated analytics, announces partnerships with SafeGraph, a leading provider of point of interest (POI) data, and Veraset, a leading provider of population movement data, in a combined solution that gives users unparalleled insight into population movement at millions of public and commercial locations.

OmniSci’s platform, capable of interrogating and graphically representing billions of rows of data in milliseconds, is a powerful analytics vehicle for the data from SafeGraph and Veraset. SafeGraph is considered the leading source of truth for POI data, business listings, and visitor foot-traffic insights. It offers not only datasets that encompass base information about points of interest, but also provides spatial hierarchy metadata, as well as demographic and visitation data aggregations.

Veraset maintains the leading population movement dataset, trusted by data science teams seeking to understand how people move across cities and countries. Veraset offers granular population movement data and unaggregated visitation data.      

Together the companies offer a massive array of location-based data relied upon by marketers, retailers, consultants, urban planners, advertisers, investors, and more.   

“OmniSci’s partnership with SafeGraph and Veraset offers customers a powerful opportunity to answer their toughest and most consequential questions at interactive speed,” stated James Yu, Head of Business Development, OmniSci. “As two of our first external partners, SafeGraph and Veraset are particularly strong additions to our new OmniSci Data Catalog.”

Through their three-way partnership, SafeGraph, Veraset and OmniSci will co-market their offerings to current and prospective customers. The agreement enables their joint customers to process and visualize POI and population movement data at scale for purposes ranging from store placement and ad campaign effectiveness to insurance underwriting, urban development, emergency planning and much more.

“Used as a joint solution, SafeGraph, OmniSci and Veraset can transform industries. Our companies are at the leading edge of big data insight, making our partnership a game-changer for data analysts and data scientists,” commented Jonathan Wolf, Head of Partnerships for SafeGraph. “This combination will deliver real value in retail, insurance, real estate development, consumer research, and public safety, among other fields.”

To learn more about the SafeGraph and Veraset offering on OmniSci’s Data Catalog, go to Additional information about SafeGraph and Veraset can be found by visiting and