OmniSci Launches AI Center of Excellence at Gunadarma University in Collaboration with NVIDIA and Epsindo

Designed to help companies in Indonesia accelerate their AI journey and successfully compete in Indonesia’s Industry 4.0 era

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – (July 29, 2020)OmniSci, the pioneer in accelerated analytics, today announced the opening of a new Center of Excellence (CoE) focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS) at the Gunadarma University. The CoE was built in collaboration with NVIDIA, the leader in AI computing, and Epsindo, the leading IT company in Indonesia. The CoE serves as a pool of resources to drive proofs of concept (PoC) for new innovations and will help companies in Indonesia take AI from theory to value, as part of their digital transformation journey. It is also a training center to empower data scientists with a deeper understanding of the latest hardware and software.

In recent years, Indonesia has played a key role in the growing discussion around the opportunity for artificial intelligence to benefit economic development. According to a 2018 survey from IDC, the Indonesian archipelago leads the ASEAN region with 24.6% of enterprises already adopting artificial intelligence. AI is also one of the five strategic technologies identified by Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry when they designed the integrated roadmap “Making Indonesia 4.0,” aimed to speed up the digital transformation of the Indonesian society.  

“AI and data-readiness represents a golden opportunity for Indonesia, with the potential to benefit a wide swath of industries including telecom, financial services, retail, healthcare, and the public sector, at speed and at scale. The investment OmniSci is making, with our partners, through this Center of Excellence is a strong statement of our vision and commitment to Indonesia, as we continue to enjoy a robust growth trajectory in the market and across the wider region,” noted Herfini Haryono, Vice President, Industry Verticals, OmniSci.

Commenting on the opening of the new facility at their premises, Prof. Dr. E. S. Margianti, SE, MM, Rector of Gunadarma University said, “We have been at the forefront of driving advances in education and providing industry exposure by fostering deep collaboration with key industry leaders. We are excited to partner with OmniSci, NVIDIA and Epsindo to inspire critical thinking, build a future-proof curriculum and provide greater exposure to next-generation technologies such as AI and accelerated analytics to shape the country’s future thinkers, innovators and leaders. Gunadarma University, through the AI and DS Knowledge Hub at this Center of Excellence, establishes the foundation for multiple sectors to collaborate and utilize an AI-based solution across industries, as well as government.”

“OmniSci has been a long-time partner in creating opportunities for the research community to access NVIDIA’s accelerated computing technology for AI and advanced analytics. Our collaboration with OmniSci and Gunadarma University will support Indonesian businesses and their workforce to successfully navigate tomorrow’s computational challenges and accelerate digital transformation,” said Raymond Teh, Vice President Worldwide Field Operations, Asia Pacific at NVIDIA.

“As the leader in IT distribution & AI solutions in Indonesia, and a key channel partner to industry innovators such as NVIDIA, we have the local expertise and experience to help Indonesia harness the potential of AI and build world-class solutions through strategic initiatives such as this Center of Excellence, and to help solve complex challenges facing modern society and industry sectors in Indonesia today,” said Rene Indiarto Widjaja, President Director/CEO of PT Epsindo Prima Sinergi.

“Epsindo, as NVIDIA Elite partner and OmniSci partner in Indonesia, is very excited with this collaboration that makes Gunadarma University the only University in Indonesia which has both the OmniSci Center of Excellence and AI Center of Excellence powered by NVIDIA DGX-1, which is still the most powerful AI Supercomputer in Indonesia with 1 PetaFLOPS (1000 TeraFLOPS) capability,” added Rene Indiarto Widjaja.

“We truly believe that Indonesia has a tremendous opportunity for OmniSci and we will provide significant investment to support our customers and partners,” said Joe Lee, Vice President of Global Sales, OmniSci.

The Center of Excellence at the Gunadarma University will be a platform for innovative ideas and best practices. It will facilitate industry-leading super-computing capabilities in hardware and software solutions, and be a test-bed for developing innovative proofs of concept, led by OmniSci and its partners. 

Since its expansion to Asia to address the intensifying regional demand for the company’s analytics capabilities, OmniSci has been working with key partners to provide complete local support for current and prospective enterprise, governmental and academic customers in key markets such as Singapore, Indonesia, India, Philippines and other parts of Asia.  

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