OmniSci Introduces Converge, the Inaugural User Conference on GPU-accelerated Analytics and Data Science, October 21-23, 2019

Event for Big Data Analysts, Geospatial Analysts and Data Scientists will put Attendees at the Forefront of the GPU-acceleration Revolution

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.,  April 25, 2019 -- OmniSci, the pioneer in GPU-accelerated analytics, today announced the debut of Converge, its first-ever user conference, scheduled for October 21-23, 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Converge will give big data analysts, geospatial analysts, and data scientists the chance to hear and learn from experts and thought leaders as they explore the latest innovations in the fast-growing field of GPU-accelerated analytics and data science.

Converge will include three keynote sessions, more than 30 in-depth breakout sessions, a vendor expo, two celebrations and over 12 hours of networking time. Keynote speakers include OmniSci co-founder and CEO Todd Mostak along with:

  • Travis Oliphant, author, entrepreneur, data scientist, founder and CEO of Quansight, NumFOCUS, PyData, and founder and CEO (now director) of Anaconda, Inc. Oliphant was the founding author of SciPy, NumPy, and Numba and organized the teams that produced Conda, Dask, JupyterLab, XND, uarray, and several other projects. He has been deeply involved with the foundational communities of the PyData ecosystem for over 20 years.
  • Wes McKinney, entrepreneur, open-source software developer and leading contributor behind many innovations in the Python community. In addition to founding Ursa Labs, which is leading development on Apache Arrow, a foundational standard for in-memory data interchange, McKinney was the CEO and founder of Datapad and a co-founder of Lambda Foundry, Inc. Python consultant to a number of hedge funds and banks, McKinney authored two versions of the reference book “Python for Data Analysis.”

“Adoption of general-purpose GPUs and GPU-accelerated platforms has taken an incredible leap forward in recent years within the world of data science and big data analytics. This computing revolution is transforming the way organizations interact with and extract value from their data,” stated Mostak. “The pace of change is so rapid that practitioners need forums with pragmatic content and ideas. Our vision is to deliver this experience at Converge.”

NVIDIA is an initial founding sponsor of Converge 2019. To learn more about conference sponsorship opportunities, email To learn more about Converge and to register visit