OmniSci Announces OEM Startup Accelerator Program For Data-Focused Early Stage Companies

New Effort Offers Startups a Frictionless Path to Industry-Leading Accelerated Analytics, Plus Marketing and Lead-Development Opportunities

SAN FRANCISCO – October 23, 2019 – OmniSci, the pioneer in accelerated analytics, today at Converge 2019 announced the debut of its OEM Startup Accelerator Program, a new way for early-stage companies focused on data accumulation, enrichment and insight to benefit from the industry leader in accelerated analytics. Partnership in the OmniSci OEM Startup Accelerator Program provides instant access to the fastest platform for data analytics and visualization at scale, enabling companies to quickly deliver differentiating services while saving substantial time and development cost.

The OEM Startup Accelerator Program is ideal for early-stage companies with large datasets and related services at their core. Examples include vertically focused data providers, aggregators of public and/or crowdsourced data, providers of real-time location services, geospatial analytics companies, and IoT data aggregators. Such companies can save significant time and money by leveraging OmniSci’s fast and interactive visual analytics to bring their data to life.

“Many early-stage companies focused on the collection, interpretation, and monetization of large datasets have a vital need for ultra-fast, embedded visual analytics at scale—the kind that OmniSci provides,” said Ashish Bambroo, OmniSci VP of business development. “Our new OEM Startup Accelerator Program solves that problem with an instantly-deployable platform that accelerates time-to-market, creates a marketable point of difference, and leaves young technology companies free to focus on their core business.”

In addition to licensed access to the OmniSci platform, the OEM Startup Accelerator Program offers partners other benefits, including co-sell opportunities through the OmniSci Data Catalog and marketing placement opportunities on OmniSci’s sales channels. An OmniSci internal development license includes development support as well as custom integration support from an OmniSci Solutions Architect.

“Partnering with OmniSci was a natural fit for Disaster Intelligence, as both organizations share a vision to enable decision-makers with faster access to data,” said Sean Griffin, co-founder and president, Disaster Intelligence. “Our strategic partnership allows disaster management agencies to visualize their data and understand risks, which can inform mitigation, planning and disaster response decisions.”

OmniSci’s accelerated analytics platform allows users to create rich, visualized narratives from billion-row datasets at the speed of thought. The platform, which includes a SQL based query engine, server-side visual rendering engine, and browser-based visualization client, enables users to interrogate vast datasets with zero latency.

The OmniSci OEM Startup Accelerator Program was announced at Converge 2019. Learn more about the program here.