OmniSci and Disaster Intelligence Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand Offerings in Public Sector

Companies will Leverage their Analytics Solutions to Serve Disaster Management Agencies within Federal, State and Local Governments

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.,  June 27, 2019 --  OmniSci, the pioneer in GPU-accelerated analytics, and Disaster Intelligence, the first company to employ cognitive technologies in concert with massive scale data aggregation and real-time situational awareness, today announced a strategic partnership to speed deployment of GPU-accelerated analytics and geospatial analysis to disaster management agencies at all levels of government.

Disaster Intelligence is licensing OmniSci’s source code and data libraries to realize new capabilities and accelerate their development cycle. This partnership will provide disaster management agencies with new capabilities to analyze and plan for activities ranging from evacuations to real-time supply logistics and utility outage forecasting.

“During disasters, minutes count. Emergency managers need insight from massive amounts of complex data on time—and no company handles big data with greater velocity than OmniSci,” noted Sean Griffin, co-founder and president, Disaster Intelligence. “OmniSci’s GPU-powered rendering capabilities will give our platform, and our end-users, highly accelerated visual performance and the ability to make decisions rapidly. OmniSci was founded on humanitarian values, which aligns well with our mission to help people better understand how to prepare for the chaos of disasters.”

Modeling complex disaster risks to communities and critical infrastructure, for example, currently requires more than 24 hours of computer processing time. OmniSci’s technology will allow Disaster Intelligence to transfer the modeling process into a real-time operational setting, to quickly visualize the data and understand risks, which will inform mitigation, planning and response decisions.  

“OmniSci and Disaster Intelligence share a vision to provide decision-makers faster access to data, as well as the ability to query that data and visualize the results at speeds never before possible,” commented Todd Mostak, co-founder and CEO, OmniSci. “Our common goal is to give government agencies at all levels the critical information they need to make timely, effective decisions.”


DISASTER INTELLIGENCE, a Public Benefit Corporation, is the first company to employ cognitive technologies in concert with massive scale data aggregation and real-time situational awareness across all-hazards. The Disaster Intelligence platform provides data aggregation on a massive scale for all participant agencies and private sector stakeholders, creating a shared common operating picture, with analysis contextually rendered in geospatial and with simultaneous data graphing and visualizations for rapid decision making. The platform can be utilized by municipalities, State & Federal agencies, major utilities and insurance underwriters to optimize operations and accountability at all phases of emergency management. The resulting operational intelligence provides greater accuracy through more accurate context. The improved information flow heightens communication and collaboration between stakeholders, improving situational awareness, yielding more effective decision making. Learn more about Disaster Intelligence at