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Verizon - Telecom Industry Case Study

How Verizon Leverages HEAVY.AI to Improve Network Reliability and Investment Optimization

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At a Glance

Telecom Case Study


  • Accessing, visualizing, and analyzing massive, complex data in real-time and at scale
  • Quickly identifying denigrations, anomalies, and outages that impact customer experience
  • Identifying usage trends and opportunities for allocating investments and resources


  • Accelerated network reliability reports and detection of performance issues
  • Optimized network investments based on timely customer movement data
  • Reliable performance and increased capacity wherever customer traffic flows

HEAVY.AI Advantages for Verizon

Network reliability reports are now produced in seconds, down from 20+ minutes, and engineers can identify anomalies and trends in minutes, down from 45+ minutes

During the pandemic, real-time tracking of traffic flow changes across mobile phone networks enabled Verizon to allocate resources to boost network capacity on a base station by base station basis

Thorough analysis of specific customer segments’ movements and usage patterns improves the ability to identify which segments of the network would be most impactful to invest in

No-code data joins


The core network team could not efficiently access, visualize, and analyze Verizon’s 10 billion streaming records per week with their existing telecom analytics solutions. This led to delayed reporting of degradations and outages, and an insufficient understanding of the behavior of specific segments of their customer base. Verizon, as a leader in the telecommunications industry, needed an advanced solution to handle heavy data streams and provide a comprehensive and granular view of network performance and customer behavior.


Verizon adopted HEAVY.AI’s hardware-accelerated analytics, GeoSQL, and interactive visualization capabilities to proactively track changes in traffic flows across its mobile networks in near real-time. Additionally, they identify network pain points, allocate investments and resources accordingly, anticipate usage trends, optimize network investments, maintain network reliability and maximize experience improvements during peak load traffic.

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