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Telecommunication Case Study

How HEAVY.AI Helps TELUS Map Area Internet Speeds & Create an Interactive Market Sizing Tool

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At a Glance

Telecommunication Case Study


  • Interactively exploring complex network datasets without lag
  • Comprehensively mapping TELUS communities and competitor speed information
  • Identifying competitor coverage and where to build wireless services


  • Accelerated performance analytics and improved customer experience
  • Better visibility into competitor coverage and market growth opportunities
  • Better insight into customer behavior and upsell opportunities

HEAVY.AI Advantages for TELUS

The ability to access millions of records per second accelerates the isolation of aggravating network events that negatively impact the customer experience

The immersive, interactive visualizations of TELUS’s customer data dramatically expand the ability to find previously hidden upsell opportunities

Interactive querying, filtering, and visualizing multi-sourced geotemporal data makes the identification of competitor coverage and the most profitable locations to build wireless services faster

No-code data joins


Each of TELUS’s high-speed (HS) services has its own coverage layers, qualification criteria, and competitive restrictions. TELUS Marketing needs to know where they can deploy each service, the targeting potential, and where competitors offer similar services. Ultimately they, like other telecom companies, require an advanced analytics solution that quickly shows their customer base, potential upsell opportunities, and where wireline and wireless HS internet adoption are low.


TELUS leverages HEAVY.AI to easily access and overlay network reliability data, customer trouble metrics, and various geotemporal datasets. This capability enables marketers to monitor a real-time, interactive map of TELUS’s communities, competitor speed and cell site information, WHSIA and LTE coverage layers, household reference data, copper qualification, fiber eligibility, and marketable base.

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