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Big Data Analytics Telecom Case Study

Why a Major Telco Chose HEAVY.AI to Accelerate Decision Making and Optimize Network Performance & Utilization

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At a Glance

Big Data Telecom Case Study


  • Aggregating and democratizing data
    from multiple disparate sources
  • Maximizing network utilization and
    optimizing network performance
  • Democratizing data for more efficient
    workflows and faster time to decision


  • Accelerated analysis and decreased
    time to problem resolution
  • Greater visibility into network
  • Teams enjoy democratized data

The Benefits Of HEAVY.AI in Telecommunications

Curated data and visualization builds for network operations analysis decreased from 6 to 8 months to 15 to 20 minutes

Decreased time to problem resolution thanks to real-time visualizations of network congestion; specific metrics; correlations and trends; and different sensor data

Intuitive user interfaces eliminated the need to recruit teams of dedicated data scientists

No-code data joins


A major telecommunication company’s operations teams require access to real-time data for critical decision-making. Accessing, analyzing, and visualizing structured and unstructured data from vast and varied data sources is essential for monitoring and maintaining their quality of experience. This big data telecom case study shows how a major telco needs to perform real-time drill-downs and make information available to a cross-functional team for high quality exploration and analysis.


HEAVY.AI is able to access and query data from this major telco’s many different sources, some of which are petabyte size, at unprecedented speeds. This delivers real-time, actionable data to network operations teams equipped with the domain knowledge to explore and take action on network data to improve customer service and experience. HEAVY.AI provides a centralized location for immersive, interactive visualizations and intuitive dashboards that help democratize data and empower existing teams.

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