Vegetation Management for Utilities

Maintain Vegetation Clearance Over Vast Distances

Over 200,000 miles of high-voltage power transmission lines crisscross the United States, while over 5.5 million miles of local distribution power lines connect power plants to homes and businesses. Federal and State vegetation management regulation mandates vegetation clearance areas around high-voltage transmission lines, and Utility companies rely on cyclical power line vegetation management maintenance schedules. Yet the increase in catastrophic wildfires leads these Utility companies to expand clearance areas to include roadside vegetation management and canopy fall-in, as well as even larger fire hazard zones in remote areas which can trip power lines and affect service. Utility companies are increasingly adopting utility vegetation management imagery, LIDAR, IoT sensor data, and myriad other data sources, to identify vegetation and other potential hazards to transmission lines. Yet the scale of these data sources, which can include millions of trees over thousands of miles, is far beyond the capability of their existing vegetation management software analytical capabilities.

Visualize Vegetation Risk and Take Action on Wildfire Prevention

HEAVY.AI is the accelerated analytics platform for visualizing the forest for the trees: billions of records with millisecond results. With HEAVY.AI, utility companies and vegetation management specialists can move past labor-intensive, time-consuming manual vegetation inspections, and outdated static records. Now wildfire mitigation analysts and safety operations personnel can leverage HEAVY.AI for interactive analysis on the entirety of their imagery, LIDAR, and IoT sensor data sets. Analysts can cross-filter records by geography and time, to hone in on areas where extreme weather patterns may have led to canopy fall-in. They can accelerate their AI and machine learning models to predict vegetation growth and determine new fire hazards. HEAVY.AI equips utility companies with advanced wildfire prevention technology to mitigate the threat of catastrophic wildfires while keeping the power grid operational.

A New Frontier for Utility Vegetation Management Software and Wildfire Prevention Systems

From vegetation management, to balancing the electrical grid, to smart meter analysis, fleet management, and beyond, HEAVY.AI is a breakthrough technology that allows utility and vegetation management companies to visualize their massive IoT and telematics datasets. This unprecedented level of data visualization improves vegetation management plans - including invasive vegetation management - and wildfire prevention methods to help utility companies reduce costs, catastrophes, and to keep the lights on.

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