Fleet Management for Utilities

Utility Fleet Telematics Data for Prompt Customer Service

Utility companies must respond promptly to customer requests, which often means restoring electricity, gas, water, or telecommunications service during inclement weather or after natural disasters. It’s dangerous work, and utility fleet managers must lower the risk of liability while delivering the best possible customer service. With vehicle telematics data, utility fleet managers can analyze and regulate fleet driving behavior, track fleet movements, improve efficiencies, and reduce idle time. Yet mainstream utility fleet analytics tools haven’t kept pace with the gigabytes of telematics data now streaming from utility vehicles. Fleet managers are unable to visualize their entire fleet for real-time decision-making during emergencies, when prompt customer service matters most.

Managing the Utility Fleet Requires Visualization

HEAVY.AI is the accelerated analytics platform that enables better utility fleet management through rapid utility fleet data visualizations and the ability to run advanced SQL queries with millisecond results, all for real-time decision-making. HEAVY.AI's dashboard gives utility fleet managers an easy and intuitive click and drag interface to analyze utility fleet telematics data atop customizable maps, charts, graphs, and tables. For instance, plot every vehicle in the fleet and overlay on a heatmap of service outages. Utility fleet management decision-makers now have access to latency-free telematics analytics and visualizations to help mitigate risks to the fleet, ensure safe driver behavior and compliance, and allocate utility fleet services and resources to where they’re needed most.

Driving Utility Fleet Management with Vehicle Telematics Data

Whether you’re tracking ships at sea, managing a large fleet of utility, oil & gas, or public sector vehicles, the HEAVY.AI platform monitors millions, and billions, of vehicle telematics data points allowing instant visualization of the entire fleet, or down to single, granular data point. The HEAVY.AI open source SQL engine is the only utility fleet management software capable of drilling into millions of smart meter and sensor records for anomaly detection, energy demand forecasting and predictive maintenance of field equipment. Find out what else HEAVY.AI does in the Utilities industry.