Monitor Driver Behavior in Logistics

Preventable Behavior and Costs

Vehicle telematics data creates new opportunities for logistics leaders to improve driver safety and reduce costs. One national traffic safety report indicates that automobile crashes cost US employers nearly $50 billion annually. Beyond accidents, other driver behavior can result in additional fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs. Yet the scale of telematics data— gigabytes per automobile per day— is beyond the capability of most analytics solutions. Critical driver behavior data, such as speeding, sudden braking, tailgating, seatbelt usage, or harsh shifting, goes unreported.

Visualizing Fleet Trends or Individual Behavior

HEAVY.AI is designed to handle the biggest telematics datasets. The intuitive platform allows logistics leaders and data scientists to rapidly unlock the value from telematics data for fine-grain understanding of driver behavior. The HeavyDB SQL engine delivers query results on massive quantities of data at supercomputer speed to keep up with telematics data analysis demands. Then, with the HeavyRender engine, those results are immediately available for visual exploration. This allows logistics executives and leaders to visualize productivity, ensure compliance, and optimize fleet performance.

Abundance of Telematics in Logistics Use Cases

With HEAVY.AI, all decision-makers can access real-time logistics data displayed instantly for better telematics for logistics decisions regarding planning, purchasing, inventory management, warehousing, distribution and customer service. HEAVY.AI is already used to visualize and analyze telematics data at top automakers and logistics companies globally.

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