Data Analytics in Logistics Industry

HEAVY.AI empowers logistics decision-makers with real-time visual analytics on spatiotemporal data streams. Through an immersive logistics analytics dashboard, transportation and shipping companies can optimize routing, identify bottlenecks, and mitigate maintenance risks.

  • Connected cars generate 300TB of data per car, per year
  • By 2020, connected car services will account for over US $40bn in annual revenue
  • By 2030, half the world’s vehicles will be covered by telematics-based insurance policies

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Make time-sensitive, high-impact decisions with Big Data and HEAVY.AI


From the Production Line to the Last Mile with Big Data in Logistics Industry

HEAVY.AI lets logistics analysts visually interact with billions of rows of telematics and supply chain data in real-time. Visualize your operations during moments of peak demand, cross-filter by actual available inventory, and interact with location data on a driver’s routing options to streamline your operations and keep everything on schedule.

  • Forecast supply needs based upon real-time demand data streaming from point-of-sale systems or warehouse sensor data
  • Mitigate operational risk by identifying unplanned factory or fleet maintenance requirements
  • Optimize routing and achieve last-mile delivery efficiency by comparing external GPS, weather, and road maintenance data with internal staffing levels and fleet schedule

“It was really valuable insights and information to work with some of the people leading recovery efforts [for 2018 Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico] and trying to understand what was going on on the ground.”

David Bairstow
VP of Product, Skyhook Wireless

Data Analytics in Logistics Industry

Use Cases

How Data Science in Logistics Industry Works

The HEAVY.AI SQL engine rapidly execute queries and enables rendering and visualization of spatiotemporal data, inventory, scheduling, and routing data for interactive, zero-latency exploration and insights.

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