Mobile Data Offloading in Telco

Wi-Fi Access Points Help Reduce Cellular Network Congestion

Mobile carriers are scrambling to cost-effectively satisfy the ever-growing data needs of their customers on the limited bandwidth of their cellular networks. In 2018, mobile telephones accounted for over 52% of all data traffic worldwide. Meanwhile, the consumption of web video traffic continues to grow around 70% year over year. Mobile carriers now look to mobile data offloading, or the use of Wi-Fi networks to offload cellular traffic, in order to reduce congestion and save money. Given the limited range of Wi-Fi access points, mobile carriers must be more strategic in their Wi-Fi access point placement. Data analytics is the obvious choice for identifying where to build these access points, but mobile carriers typically have tens of millions of subscribers split over hundreds of thousands of cellular towers. There’s simply too much data for their existing analytics tools.

Improving Wi-Fi Access Point Placement

With HEAVY.AI, mobile carrier or telecommunication network operators, engineers, and data scientists can accelerate their data analytics through the parallel processing power of CPUs and GPUs. This unlocks the ability to do analysis on massive telecommunication datasets, and to visualize these datasets over customizable charts and maps, including heatmaps, and to filter by location and time. By leveraging HEAVY.AI to accelerate this data in-memory, mobile carriers can accelerate machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to visualize where Wi-Fi access points can be strategically, and cost-effectively, placed to optimally reduce cellular traffic and ensure customer satisfaction, reduce customer churn, help users locate Wi-Fi access points and even improve connectivity in cellular dead zones or other areas of poor or remote reception.

Mobile Data Offload Solutions and Other Use Cases for Telecommunication Data

With HEAVY.AI, mobile carriers have the power to visualize all of their data at scale and to run advanced SQL queries with millisecond results. Whether it’s identifying where to place Wi-Fi access points for mobile data offloading, reducing customer churn, improving network reliability, or managing a fleet of telecommunication service vehicles, HEAVY.AI is the accelerated analytics platform transforming the telecommunications industry.

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