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Customer Churn Analysis in Telco

Reducing Customer Churn Is More Cost-Effective Than Chasing New Customers

In the competitive world of telecommunication carriers, customer retention is key. Over 95% of Americans already own a cellphone. Moreover, acquiring new customers can cost up to 25 times more than retaining existing customers. Telecommunication carriers look to big data analytics around demographics, usage, customer accounts, connectivity, network performance and reliability, customer support and service issues, and more, to reduce customer churn rate. Yet the scale of this data is too vast for their existing analytics tools, which limits telco customer churn analysis from quickly running ad-hoc queries or visualizing and dashboarding customer data in its entirety. Nor can telecommunication data scientists adequately run predictive modeling with this customer data, as lag times interrupt their thought processes and inhibit further customer churn prediction and research.

Customer Churn Machine Learning and Visualization

HEAVY.AI is the accelerated analytics platform capable of rapidly processing and visualizing entire customer data sets to help identify the causes of customer churn. With HEAVY.AI, customer churn analysis in the telecommunications sector is demystified and analysts can visualize customer churn quickly and easily build an array of charts to identify patterns and correlations across disparate datasets or geographies. They can drill down from millions of customer records to a single customer record that can provide insight into a particular customer pain point. For data scientists, the massive parallel processing power of GPUs ensures that predictive modeling happens quickly, which accelerates their time to insight on customer promotions that improve retention or upselling, or identifies effective ways to reduce churn in specific geographies or with specific demographics.

Accelerating Customer Churn Analytics and Beyond for Telecommunication Carriers

HEAVY.AI is trusted by the biggest telco companies for big data analytics and customer churn analysis. Telecommunication carriers have unlimited potential use cases aimed at minimizing customer churn with analytics, improving network reliability, spotting network anomalies, or managing their fleets. Carriers further gain geospatial analysis capabilities to drive location-based customer and network insights.

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