Accelerating Financial Analytics

Existing Financial Data Analytics Tools are Inadequate

Banking and financial institutions face increased competition, regulatory constraints, economic pressure, and a customer base that demands efficiency. Advances in technology and digitization ensure a treasure trove of data, ranging from clickstream and trading data to credit card transactions and social media, is now collected and stored. Yet the sheer volume of this data is beyond the capability of traditional financial analytics platforms and solutions. As a result, this data is down-sampled or pre-aggregated before it ever gets to data scientists, equities researchers, or quantitative analysts. Advanced statistical techniques can round out key insights that might help banking and financial institutions accelerate growth, enhance productivity, and improve risk control.

GPU-acceleration for Big Data Analytics in Financial Industry at Scale

HEAVY.AI is the accelerated analytics platform that enables banking and financial institutions to accelerate their financial analytics against the entirety of their data sets. Data scientists, quantitative analysts, equities researchers, other analysts and decision-makers can visualize billions of rows of data and, with a few clicks of the mouse, run advanced SQL queries with millisecond results for visualizing financial data. They can spot inflections or trends in banking or the markets as they happen, and seamlessly zoom down to a specific place or time to identify anomalies or banking fraud. With HEAVY.AI, analysts have an intuitive, customizable dashboard to view their financial data across a wide variety of charts or maps, easily cross-filtering to quickly satisfy regulatory reporting, or to identify opportunities for cross-selling and promotions.

Faster Financial Network Analytics and Investment Management with HEAVY.AI

HEAVY.AI is used to accelerate financial analytics throughout the Investment Management industry using the latest in acceleration technology. From fraud detection to quantitative modeling, the HEAVY.AI platform gives data scientists at hedge funds and investment management firms far faster quantitative financial analytics methods. HEAVY.AI is the fastest analytics platform for generating AI models and visually exploring and interacting with billion row data sets to capture more opportunities, avoid more risks, and create a compounding competitive advantage through predictive analytics in Investment Management.

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