Investment Management Data Analytics

HEAVY.AI gives Investment Management firms the ability to instantly find insights amidst billions of financial transactions, usage logs, sensor streams, and social media posts, enabling visual interaction at scale and high velocity business decisions.

  • Data and reporting regulations will cost financial institutions up to $200m each
  • 85% of firms believe the risk function is critical to profitability, yet only 35% have analytics capabilities to address it
  • Machine Learning will lead to $43 billion in annual cost savings and new revenue in the financial sector by 2025

Whitepaper: Find Opportunity & Risk Hidden in Your Enterprise

Make time-sensitive, high-impact decisions with Big Data and HEAVY.AI


Data-driven decisions on assets, risk and investment analysis

HEAVY.AI allows you to aggregate and analyze all of your business and financial data to value net assets in real-time, assess portfolio risk, and analyze the investment market using alternative data.

  • Analyze financial markets to value assets more accurately, on a near real-time basis  
  • Visualize anomalies that may represent hidden portfolio risk
  • Enhance investment analysis and capital market research

“What big data can do, among other things, is to provide a new level of precision regarding what is actually happening on the ground to a business, to help analysts and portfolio managers make choices.”

Chief Data Scientist
Major Investment Firm

Investment Management Data Analytics

Use Cases

How Data Analytics in Investment Management Works

The HEAVY.AI SQL engine rapidly executes queries and enables rendering and visualization of billion row tables for interactive, zero-latency exploration and insights for competitive advantage and predictive analytics in capital markets.

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