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Operational Analytics

Analytics at the speed of thought

HEAVY.AI removes the technological limitations preventing frequent, high-speed decisions on very large streams of operational data.

HEAVY.AI equips IT operations analytics teams with real-time GPU-accelerated operational analytics tools for collaborative operational data visualizations to make business critical decisions at the speed of modern business.

Query Billions of Rows of Operational Data in Milliseconds

HEAVY.AI gives you the power to query large operational datasets at extreme speeds. You don’t have to wait for tomorrow’s static report. Make your data-driven decisions now, and then make 100 more before lunch.

Self-Service Data Analytics from Any Web Browser

Analytics was a two player sport: decision-makers asked questions and analysts found answers. Now, HEAVY.AI's web-based real-time operational analytics dashboards let business leaders discover their own insights without having to wait.

Cross-Team Collaboration with Facts

With HEAVY.AI, every team member can conduct fast big data analytics in operations and share insights with colleagues. This boosts situational awareness, with more people watching operations and taking data-driven action.