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Introducing HEAVY.AI 6.0

Connect, combine and interact with your heaviest datasets faster than ever

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What to expect in HEAVY.AI Version 6.0

Introducing HeavyConnect for faster access to your data

Load native raster and Earth observation data

NEW Gauge Chart for performance tracking

NEW Admin Panel

No-code data joins

Improved speed and performance using GPU and CPU

Learn How to Use Our Latest Features

How to Import Raster Files
How to Link Data Sets with Cross Link
How to Access the Admin Panel
How to Use HeavyConnect
How to Use Gauge Charts

Analyze Data
Where It Lives

Take a no-movement approach to accessing data in your warehouses, lakes, and enterprise databases. Just point to your datasets and make them readily available for queries, analysis, and data exploration without loading them directly into HeavyDB. HeavyConnect intelligently captures changes in your data connections and accounts for the differences.

Elevate Your Earth Observation

Load native raster data like GeoTiffs into HEAVY.AI and expand your analytical horizon. Incorporate Earth observation data into your workflow to monitor landscape change, model climate risk, and understand the relationships between people and their environment.

Gauge Your Progress

Represent the status and progress towards a key performance indicator with the new gauge chart, which uses a needle to show a reading on a dial similar to a speedometer. Customize your gauge chart by changing the color palette, the number of segments, the range of each segment, and more!

Monitor System Health

Stop getting lost in the command line with HEAVY.AI’s new admin panel, making accessing system resources, user roles, and permissions easy. Quickly understand how many tables and dashboards your system has, who owns them, and their storage & memory utilization. 

Join Data With Clicks,
Not Code

Link columns from different sources through an easy-to-use UI and cross filter them without joining the underlying data, creating new views, or deriving new tables. Now in Beta!

Fast Is Now A Whole Lot Faster

Fresh, creative uses of your machine’s entire hardware footprint (GPU + CPU) yield greater performance and currency for all users. HEAVY.AI now recycles result sets, compiles queries concurrently, executes significantly faster joins, and delivers new string functions that drastically reduce time-to-value.