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Jul 23, 2016

Where to Find MapD This Fall

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As we enter the final stretch of our summer, it is time to start looking ahead to the conference-rich third and fourth quarters. After a period of relative calm, we are back with a vengeance, starting almost immediately.

While you can always get a demo, sometimes in-person works best.

Here is the list of where to find us:

Siggraph 2016

Siggraph: Our love for visualization is well known. You see it in the product, in the demos we make and the blog posts we write. We are delighted to have a slot at Siggraph to talk about our technology, specifically backend rendering. Chris Root and Todd Mostak talk on Thursday at 3:45pm - so get in line now.

The MapD Meetup: For those interested in GPUs, there is nothing like a Meetup at the mothership. As such, our first Meetup is August 9th at Nvidia and will feature founder and CEO Todd Mostak and Nvidia GM, Jim McHugh to talk about the dangers of downsampling, the machine driven analytics landscape and, of course teraflops. Hit the link to RSVP if you are in the bay area (or are looking for a reason to book a trip out here).

The NSA Information Assurance Summit: In the pursuit of informational advantage, federal agencies have, and continue to acquire more data than they can possibly analyze. Even for the subsets of data that federal agencies evaluate, the size of the those data set often dictates the analytical approach. We will be in DC to talk about how GPUs can alter the game for agencies seeking to address today’s challenges in IA and the cyber environment. We are in booth 533 and will have our technical all-stars on hand to go deep.

Finovate: This is one of the best, most dangerous shows in any industry and the crown jewel of the FinTech event calendar. Its one of the best because of its rigorous selection process coupled with a hyper-engaged, highly informed audience. It is dangerous because it is seven minutes of demo free fall. No slides, just demo. Remember that hyper-engaged, highly informed audience? They can turn on you. Best to be prepared, but if you are, the payoff is considerable. CEO Todd Mostak will take the stage September 8th to demonstrate what real speed looks like over more than a billion rows and why leading hedge funds are adopting MapD as part of their analytical frameworks.

GTC Asia: The GPU Technology Conference is a global tour de force on hardware, software, machine learning, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles and analytics. Founder and CEO, Todd Mostak will take the stage for a keynote in Beijing, China on September 13th to talk about the GPU revolution and what it means for enterprise computing.

Data Summit: It is nice to have something close to home every once and awhile. It is even better when it is the always awesome, highly technical Data Summit. Talent from across Silicon Valley gathers for this one data event and CEO Todd Mostak will bat cleanup. If you are local, drop us a note and we can get you a discount code.

Strata NYC: In the "big data" world there are few shows with as much panache as Strata NYC. Boasting a little more fintech flavor than its west coast cousin, this show remains one of the toughest speaking tickets on tour. We will be there in force, anchoring a booth next next to Oracle and taking on all comers when it comes to speed and visualization. Reach out early to schedule some time with us as we already have meetings on the books.

Amazon Re:Invent( This is the flagship showcase for the AWS ecosystem and, as the fastest data discovery platform on AWS, it's appropriate we show up to talk about how we do it. Vegas is always fun, and the week after Thanksgiving should provide some added holiday cheer.

IEEE Future Tech Conference: Speaking of holidays, this post ends with a highly sought-after speaking slot at the IEEE Future Tech Conference here in San Francisco. Our paper on how to apply GPUs to large scale, latency-sensitive data problems wowed the committee and landed Todd a coveted spot.


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