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Dec 8, 2021

Non-Bureaucratic Visual BI Solutions for Analysts

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Bureaucracy has become a four-letter word in the tech world. While bureaucratic systems may provide some benefits to an organization - it is fair, ensures compliance, defines roles, provides formality, etc. - bureaucracy in visual business intelligence solutions is inefficient and downright uninspiring. 

Bureaucratic visual BI solutions are a perfect storm of red tape and too many cooks in the kitchen. These legacy systems create an environment filled with complex ETL processes that often require data engineering and slow, bureaucratic decisions. Decision makers are unable to interact with the data themselves and are forced to delegate tasks to analysts and BI developers.

But we’re starting to move away from clunky, inaccessible bureaucratic BI solutions that are plagued by inefficiencies and roadblocks. The future of BI is accessible, which is why non-bureaucratic visual BI solutions are growing in importance and popularity. 


Ease of use promotes adoption, and a solution is only as useful as our ability to understand it and adopt it. Non-bureaucratic visual BI solutions democratize the analysis experience and even the playing field, providing an accessible, flexible platform that empowers users throughout the organization to interact with data directly, rather than enduring the back-and-forth dance with BI developers for every little tweak. 

Modern visual BI solutions are user-friendly and approachable, and give average business users the power to visualize and explore data at the speed of curiosity. Augmented BI dashboards provide a platform for data storytelling that is actionable, automated, contextual, attractive, and easy for the average user to interface with. 

Non-technical users can independently run scenarios without extensive data science skills, quickly create stunning, interactive no-code BI visualizations, and discover previously hidden insights from massive data sets without relying on data scientists or engineers.


The freedom to explore data at-will inspires innovation and new thinking. When the data you’ve been crunching transforms from mind-numbing spreadsheets into stunning, interactive BI data visualizations at the click of a button, you can truly be at-one with the data and dive deep into granular details that inspire questions you didn’t know you needed to ask. 

Modern visual BI solutions are deeply immersive, providing the average business user, not just data scientists, the means to effortlessly answer questions around the when and where in their data, without needing to index, downsample, or pre-aggregate. 

With the ability to see billions of points, lines, and polygons in granular detail, and the power of context, derived from cross-filtering and visualizations data from multiple sources multi-layered maps, any user can visually interrogate and gain incredible insight at the speed of thought, regardless of scale. 


Speed is everything these days. It doesn’t matter how great your data is if you can’t act on it fast enough. Non-bureaucratic visual BI solutions ingest raw data as-in, completing visual joins on the same dashboard, where that raw data can be explored and cut across, both on the space and time attributes within the datasets, in such a way that data engineers aren’t required to prepare and perfect the data before it’s ingested.

This is a cumbersome and time consuming process that can slow business down to a screeching halt. Legacy visual BI solutions experience latency not only in the products themselves, but also in the processes. Modern BI solutions bypass these inefficient processes, enabling users to explore bigger data faster, and decrease time to value, with faster products and faster processes. You’ll get answers faster and move on to follow-up questions faster.

The HEAVY.AI Difference

HEAVY.AI is the future of Business Intelligence. HEAVY.AIs visual analytics platform offers solutions that empower team members of any skill level to leverage the true power of data and unlock powerful insights with striking, immersive Business Intelligence visualizations at unparalleled speeds. 

The best BI visualization tools are accessible. With HEAVY.AI, visual BI analytics is for everyone. HeavyImmerse draws you into your data with a powerful combination of features such as instantaneous cross-filtering, at-a-click generation of SQL queries, multilayer geocharts, and multisource visual analytics dashboards, creating an unbounded visual business analytics experience. No red tape, no back-and-forth with engineers, just simple, machine accelerated insights in one unified, stunning space. 

HeavyDB is able to accelerate a variety of visualizations in business intelligence and business intelligence tools by executing queries orders of magnitude faster than legacy, mainstream analytics systems, reduce the time to insights and expand an analyst's ability to find previously hidden insights.

With HEAVY.AI, business users are empowered to pose hypotheses upfront, hunt down anomalies, identify patterns very quickly within large spatial temporal data, or location and time series data, in an immersive interactive data visualization, leading to useful follow-up questions about root causes and potential opportunities. 

HEAVY.AI empowers every tier of person in the business decision making process to make changes together, explore together, ask questions together, hypothesize together, and accelerate visual analytics at the speed of imagination. 


HEAVY.AI (formerly OmniSci) is the pioneer in GPU-accelerated analytics, redefining speed and scale in big data querying and visualization. The HEAVY.AI platform is used to find insights in data beyond the limits of mainstream analytics tools. Originating from research at MIT, HEAVY.AI is a technology breakthrough, harnessing the massive parallel computing of GPUs for data analytics.