Apeksha Kshirsagar
Nov 15, 2019

Highlights from Microsoft Ignite Orlando 2019

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As a proud Microsoft partner, we have some exciting highlights to share from Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando, Florida last week. Taking the stage at the busiest conference of the year by Microsoft, Team Omnisci was excited to share how accelerated analytics is changing the game by allowing users to find previously undiscovered insights in their data.

Microsoft Ignite took place on November 4-8 with over 30,000+ developers, researchers, and technologists in attendance gathered to discuss the newest technological innovations released by Microsoft and Microsoft Partners. With hands-on workshops, keynote demonstrations, announcements, theatre sessions and partner booths.

Demos, Demos, and Demos

It was great to meet developers, data scientists, analysts and solutions architects working in different industries like retail, finance, technology, telematics and federal entities. We were proud to show off the latest OmniSci demo dashboards that were compiled from large datasets consisting of performance and behavioral data from these industries.

Most of these industries are facing a common challenge: making hundreds of billions of location-intelligent data points comprehensible, actionable, and predictive.OmniSci's accelerated analytics platform is uniquely capable of solving this problem, with orders-of-magnitude faster SQL queries, and full-fidelity rendering on GPUs and CPUs alike. In the demos at the Omnisci booth, we dived deeper into the different Microsoft technologies that Omnisci can easily be integrated with for developers using Microsoft Azure to deploy OmniSci.

OmniSci on Azure

We extended Omnisci accelerated analytics offering on Microsoft Azure Cloud in April 2019. With the debut on Microsoft Azure NC-Series virtual machines powered by NVIDIA GPUs, OmniSci is now available on all of the leading cloud infrastructure providers with Enterprise and Open Source editions available for data scientists and analysts.

“Microsoft is dedicated to making world-class, value-driven solutions available in Azure for every enterprise need. OmniSci GPU-accelerated analytics is an important addition to our Azure ecosystem,” said Raj Thiagarajan, Director of Success Management, Microsoft for Startups. “Our joint customers will find it easy to implement OmniSci, starting today on Azure Marketplace.”

Azure subscribers can use their OmniSci license on Azure to create a cloud-based data analytics solution capable of querying billions of rows of data with millisecond-level response time.

A high demand from Azure subscribers is to also learn about integrating Microsoft big data technologies with OmniSci for analytics and visualizing their large datasets. So here are ways for you to get started:

OmniSci with Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a popular business analytics solution that supports a wide range of data sources from SQL databases, web platforms such as Google Analytics and Salesforce, and Azure cloud. OmniSci natively supports ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), and Power BI does as well, allowing communication with OmniSci through the Windows platform ODBC Driver Manager. The OmniSci-specific ODBC driver processes ODBC function calls, submits the SQL requests to OmniSci and return the results to Power BI. Learn more about how to get started and use OmniSci as a data source for your Power BI projects.

OmniSci with Microsoft SQL Server

The most common scenario in mature enterprises: having data on several different systems and needing to transfer data to a common platform for analysis. Our developer advocacy team explores the effortless ways to export data from Microsoft SQL Server to OmniSci, so that customer account data from SQL Server can be merged with the customer transactional data on OmniSci and then visualized using OmniSci Immerse. With the massive memory bandwidth and core density provided by GPUs, OmniSci Immerse makes this customer data easy to join and extremely fast to query. Check out just how much faster than SQL Server!

The OmniSci platform can be deployed on Microsoft Azure in just minutes. Those with on-premise Enterprise edition licenses can seamlessly move their OmniSci platform to Azure; others can get a free trial license and deploy via Azure Marketplace. If you met us at Ignite and have more questions, please connect with us at community@omnisci.com. For more information, visit the OmniSci listing in the Azure Marketplace. We also offer OmniSci as a managed service, via our Omnisci Cloud

Also we just had a successful inaugural user conference Converge held last month. Catch up with all the updates and announcements made at Converge.

Apeksha Kshirsagar

Apeksha is a Manager of Community Partnerships & Outreach at HEAVY.AI. She manages our marketplaces offerings on Public Cloud platforms, and works closely with our Cloud Service Provider teams to maintain strategic relationships and drive greater developer adoption through those marketplaces. She has a background in outreach and marketing roles at several startups and SaaS companies in the technology and media industry.