Understand Driver Behavior Data in Automotive

Untapped Opportunity for Driver Behavior Data

Vehicle telematics data is the new revenue stream for the automotive industry. Sensors throughout automobiles collect valuable driver information capable of generating new insights into understanding driver behavior, vehicle diagnostics, and location. Yet the scale of this telematics data overwhelms traditional analytics platforms. In 2018, connected cars in the United States were capable of generating about 55 million petabytes annually.

Real-Time Telematics Data Insights & Innovation

HEAVY.AI was created to handle the biggest telematics datasets. The intuitive platform allows data science analysts to rapidly unlock the value from big telematics data for fine-grain understanding of driver behavior. The HeavyDB SQL engine delivers query results on massive quantities of data at supercomputer speed. Then, with the HEAVY.AI rendering engine, those results are immediately available for visual exploration. This allows automakers to leverage driver profiles when iterating on and designing new automobiles.

Plethora of Use Cases and Opportunities

With the increased volume of vehicle telematics devices relaying everything from vehicle performance data and diagnostics to navigation and infotainment preferences, getting real-time telematics data has never been more critical. HEAVY.AI is already used to visualize and analyze vehicle telematics data at top automakers around the world. Discover what else HEAVY.AI can do for the Automotive industry.