Special Event Performance & Network Monitoring

If You Don’t Post It on Social Media, Were You Ever Really There?

Wireless carriers must provide fast and consistent network connectivity during special events, such as sporting events, conferences, and concerts, especially when they’ve sponsored these events. Special events are bandwidth-heavy as customers upload photos, videos, and even live streams of their experience. This requires real-time network monitoring of activity to adjust resources and spot anomalies before they become outages. It also requires traffic monitoring and analysis of crowd-sourced mobile phone data for location, latency, jitter, packet loss, signal strength, upload and download speeds, and beyond. Other data sources, such as social media posts and national weather data should be analyzed with network monitoring software for customer satisfaction and subjective customer experience, all in real-time.

Yet the ability to layer these disparate, high volume data sets is beyond the capabilities of traditional analytics platforms. These platforms are unable to quickly or effectively spot network degradations or negative customer experiences. They’re unable to provide the kind of real-time analysis needed to prevent network connectivity problems or authentication issues from becoming embarrassing and greatly amplified posts on social media.

Real-Time Network Monitoring for Real-Time Events

With HEAVY.AI, telecommunication network operators and data scientists can analyze and visualize these disparate data sets together, without the latency of traditional analytics platforms. Most importantly, they can derive real-time insights from real-time events. This allows them to rapidly understand complex customer experiences and perceptions, fine-tune, and optimize their networks to manage the load. HEAVY.AI's accelerated analytics platform leverages the parallel processing power of GPUs and CPUs to process and render massive volumes of data at millisecond speeds. 

At these speeds, telecommunications analysts and data scientists can now instantly interact with massive volumes of layered datasets. They can visualize their geographic datasets through heatmaps, choropleths, and a wide variety of customizable charts. They can also accelerate machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to understand the network connectivity requirements of past events to make predictions about the needs of future events.

Pioneering Data Science & Geospatial Analytics in Telecommunications

From optimizing 5G networks and mobile data offloading, to managing fleets of telecommunication service vehicles and reducing customer churn, HEAVY.AI is helping transform data science and geospatial analytics in the telecommunications industry. HEAVY.AI is the accelerated analytics platform for running advanced SQL queries of massive datasets at incredibly fast speeds allowing for network monitoring and troubleshooting at the scale required for today’s communications data volumes.

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