Oil & Gas: Acquisition & Divestment

Siloed Data Leads to Bad A&D

For the acquisition and divestment (A&D) brokerage houses, business development, and consulting teams responsible for the rapid statistical and economic oil and gas asset valuation, data goes largely unevaluated. This can significantly increase the risk and economic uncertainty tied to an oil and gas asset's production potential and an investment's ROI and overall valuation. Yet challenges around the time it takes to identify and integrate disconnected public, market, and operator data sources means this increased risk persists.

Additionally, these sources are often too voluminous to analyze and view at once, and seldom are oil and gas acquisition professionals able to aggregate this data, from all different sources, in its entirety. This makes it challenging for operators and valuation teams to make accurate investment predictions or to analyze production trends, which requires comparison between disparate and disconnected data sets.

In a Commodity-Based Business, the Low-Cost Guy is Going to Win

HEAVY.AI is the accelerated analytics platform for supporting acquisition management in the oil and gas industry: all the data from all the sources, all on a single platform. Now, oil and gas acquisition and divestment professionals can visualize and analyze the relevant data from disparate sources to improve their decision-making through large scale database queries providing sub-second response time. This enables rapid evaluation of diversified gas and oil acquisition that fits the investor acceptance criteria, focuses engineering teams on higher profitable solutions, and improves the acceptance rate of acquisition offers.

Through the parallel processing power of HEAVY.AI, A&D professionals can rapidly generate estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) decline curves to show projected well performance over time, then render the results for spatio-temporal evaluations to uncover time-based trends. With HEAVY.AI, A&D professionals can aggregate and view operator (asset-specific), public source (state, government and other public sourced data) and proprietary-based data for thorough statistical analysis and economic evaluation of oil and gas acquisition metrics in the market, giving them a clear technological leap forward and clear competitive advantage.

Accelerate Exploration and Analysis of Big Data in Oil and Gas

HEAVY.AI's open source accelerated analytics platform tools unlock a wealth of new opportunities to support oil and gas asset management software and more in the O&G industry. From groundwater drilling and environmental compliance to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), oil and gas fleet management and general research endeavors, HEAVY.AI provides the acceleration of petroleum exploration techniques and horizontal data integration opportunities necessary for visual interactivity of massive sensor and real-time, field-based IoT data sets, all at the speed of curiosity. Find out what else HEAVY.AI does for the Oil & Gas Industry.