Big Data in Pharmaceutical Industry

HEAVY.AI provides real-time data visualizations for big data analytics in pharma so process analysts and data scientists can monitor processes and improve drug manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain management. Instantly comb through EHRs, publications, genomics data, and clinical trials for precision medicine.

  • The pharma and biotech industry will exceed $1.2 trillion in revenue by 2022
  • The top 10 drugs in the US are only between 4% to 25% effective
  • Using Big Data to inform decision making could generate $100 billion of value in US healthcare

Whitepaper: Find Opportunity & Risk Hidden in Your Enterprise

Make time-sensitive, high-impact decisions with Big Data and HEAVY.AI


A New Pharmaceutical Data Analytics Instrument for Precision Medicine

No more waiting for your Big Data query to finish. HEAVY.AI allows you to visualize, cross-filter, and interact with your data in real time for a new era of big data analytics in pharmaceutical industry. Uncover hidden patterns and cryptic correlations between biological information, risks for disease and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals across the broad array of combined factors.

  • Rapidly slice through genomics data to identify new life-saving treatments
  • Monitor real-time IoT data as it streams from every step of the drug manufacturing process
  • Select patient cohorts with the traits necessary for a successful trial

“[HEAVY.AI]… was the world’s first to create basically a database engine on top of GPUs… it’s just completely amazing, to be able to access databases so large completely in-memory and be able to interact with it, create graphs out of it, query it with AI, visualize it, all in real time. Completely revolutionary stuff.”

Jensen Huang

Big Data in Pharmaceutical Industry

Use Cases

How Big Data in Pharma Industry Works

The HEAVY.AI SQL engine rapidly executes queries and enables rendering and visualization of IoT, sensor, and spatio-temporal data for zero-latency exploration and insights.

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