Big Data in the Insurance Industry

The application of big data in the insurance industry is swelling from waves of vehicle telematics, consumer POS transactions, and mobile interaction data. This new era of data analytics in insurance industry promises new insight to better acquire customers, underwrite risk, fight fraud and settle claims.

  • Big Data is a $2.4 billion industry in insurance in 2018
  • By 2030, half the world’s vehicles will be covered by telematics-based insurance policies
  • 10%, or up to $32 billion, of annual property-casualty insurance losses are due to fraud

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Make time-sensitive, high-impact decisions with Big Data and HEAVY.AI.


Visualize and analyze all of your customer and insurance industry data in real-time

HEAVY.AI provides insurtech specialists, insurers, reinsurers, and insurance brokers the insights they need to optimize decision-making around customer risk and product offerings. With instant SQL queries and visualization of responses, they can interact with disparate sources of customer data in real-time, cross-filter to refine their investigation, and visualize spatiotemporal customer interactions for actionable insights and improvements within insurance industry data models.

  • Optimize policy premiums through predictive modeling and risk calculations
  • Adjust premium rates, strategies, and underwriting limits based on real-time variables
  • Improve customer retention and cross-sell through targeted products, promotions, and premiums
  • Rapidly detect fraudulent claims through rules-based flags and visualization of how factors are correlated

“What big data can do, among other things, is to provide a new level of precision regarding what is actually happening on the ground to a business, to help analysts and portfolio managers make choices.”

Chief Data Scientist
Major Investment Firm

HEAVY.AI Enables a Rapid Application of Big Data in Insurance Industry with Vehicle Telematics Analytics

Big Data in the Insurance Industry

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How Big Data Analytics in Insurance Industry Works

The HEAVY.AI SQL engine rapidly executes insurance industry data queries and enables rendering and visualization of spatiotemporal data and telematics data for interactive, zero-latency exploration and insights.

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