May 16, 2023

Nvidia GEOINT Reception: The Next Generation of AI Computing

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HEAVY.AI is excited to announce that our CTO and Founder, Todd Mostak, will be speaking alongside Bob Pete (Nvidia) and Nathan Kundtz (Rendered.ai) at the The Next Generation of AI Computing event hosted by Nvidia and Carahsoft, during the USGIF GEOINT Symposium on May 22nd.

Join Bob Pete, VP & GM of Professional Visualization at NVIDIA, in discovering how GPU-accelerated computing can change the way government operates through advancements like digital twins and generative AI. Bob will show you how cutting-edge AI technologies can help you achieve lightning-fast results, whether in the cloud or at the edge, empowering you to make faster, more informed decisions.

In addition you’ll hear lightning talks from two NVIDIA Inception partners; HEAVY.AI and Rendered.ai

Join us for the cocktail reception! For more details click here!


HEAVY.AI (formerly OmniSci) is the pioneer in GPU-accelerated analytics, redefining speed and scale in big data querying and visualization. The HEAVY.AI platform is used to find insights in data beyond the limits of mainstream analytics tools. Originating from research at MIT, HEAVY.AI is a technology breakthrough, harnessing the massive parallel computing of GPUs for data analytics.