Todd Mostak
Sep 27, 2018

MapD has rebranded to OmniSci

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Today marks a big and exciting milestone for our company.

We have rebranded MapD to now be known as OmniSci™.

Here is a short video with some of us here at OmniSci, and some customers, talking about the change. We hope you like it.

MapD is a name that has served us amazingly well for the first 5 years of our journey. Originating from my research at MIT’s Computer Science and AI Laboratory, our platform is now being used by major businesses and government agencies around the world, and we’ve created a community of passionate adopters. Our company is growing fast, and our customers are transforming how they do big data analytics everyday.

Our original name comes from ‘massively parallel database’ (MapD for short). But throughout these first five years our vision has evolved and significantly broadened. We have built a platform that has expanded well beyond being just a database. We realized that we needed a new name that could better carry us forward for the next stage of our journey as a company.

OmniSci is inspired by our recently updated mission statement, which is, to make analytics instant, powerful and effortless for everyone.

This is a deceptively simple statement. If you think about it, the ultimate aspiration of analytics is to continually expand the boundary of knowledge–to help people better understand their customers, their operations, and the world around them. We are inspired by this grander vision, the constant quest for more and better knowledge. This connects us to the Sci part of the name. There’s also a subtle nod to the field of Data Science, which we believe is emerging as one of the most powerful forces of change inside organizations, pushing them to be ever more data-driven. Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning–they all fit under the broader umbrella of Data Science.

The first part of our new name, Omni, captures the concept of ‘every’ or ‘all’.

In this context, Omni connects with our vision to make our technology available to everyone, everywhere. We’ve already taken some significant steps toward that vision. First, in 2017 we open-sourced our Core SQL Engine, built to harness the supercomputing power of GPUs, so any developer could build apps that leveraged that power. Second, in 2018 we launched our Cloud self-service offering, enabling anyone in the world to start using OmniSci literally within 30 seconds.

Of course, we have much more to do. We’ll be continuing to expand the company, especially in research and development, so we can deliver even more breakthroughs for our customers and users.  

In short, apart from us just loving the name OmniSci, what mattered most was it be inspired by our vision and mission. In that sense, I really believe we’ve made a great choice. I want to thank the whole team at OmniSci for embracing change, embracing the new name itself with so much passion, and doing all the hard work that comes with a project like this.

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Todd Mostak
CEO & Co-Founder

Todd Mostak

Todd is the CTO and Co-founder of HEAVY.AI. Todd built the original prototype of HEAVY.AI after tiring of the inability of conventional tools to allow for interactive exploration of big datasets while conducting his Harvard graduate research on the role of Twitter in the Arab Spring. He then joined MIT as a research fellow focusing on GPU databases before turning the HEAVY.AI project into a startup.