Nov 3, 2023

Join Carahsoft and HEAVY.AI for preview of HeavyEco

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Climate change and the impact it has on our communities continues to make headlines regularly, from billion-dollar climate disaster events happening more regularly to the steps countries and organizations are taking to combat it.

While a lot of these stories look at global impacts, local agencies and organizations must understand how they can prepare and respond to weather events impacting their communities, such as flash floods, wildfires or droughts.

In a webinar on November 8, HEAVY.AI will be previewing HeavyEco, a new, innovative tool that provides a visual representation containing accurate, hyper-local details built from authoritative, real-time physical data, infrastructure and demographic information. Built on the powerful HEAVY 7.0 platform, HeavyEco gives you the information you need to make data-based decisions to better prepare your community for weather events, like flooding. You can register for the webinar here.

In this webinar, you will learn how to use HeavyEco to:

Accelerate decision making during a weather event

  • HeavyEco helps you visualize real-time data on weather, water levels and infrastructure to understand potential risks or impact on your community.

Analyze data to determine potential impact and evaluate mitigation options

  • HeavyEco helps analyze historical and real-time data to identify patterns and trends that can be used to predict the potential impact of a weather event and to develop mitigation strategies.

Provide better situational awareness during weather events

  • Dashboards built on HeavyEco show stakeholders risks and impact of the event and keep them informed about the situation and potential changes and their resulting impact.

Utilize interactive visual analytics for in-depth data exploration

  • HeavyEco delivers a variety of interactive visualization tools to explore data in detail. These tools can be used to identify correlations between variables and identify trends and patterns to develop more effective mitigation and preparedness strategies.

This webinar will be hosted in conjunction with Carahsoft,with Mike Flaxman, VP of Product and Ph.D. in Landscape Planning, as the featured speaker.

Don’t miss your chance to learn about this powerful tool to improve your weather event decision-making, communication and coordination. Register today!


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