Eric Grant
Feb 14, 2018

Feel the Love of the Community

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Each day, people tell us that they love MapD. And we love all of those people. We’re proud to consider them part of our community.

At MapD, we have a small but growing team dedicated to Community and Advocacy. Let me explain a bit about what we do, what we expect, and what we promise.

Why Community?

Our mission is to foster a vibrant community, because we know that working together benefits all of us, as we work towards our own goals.

There are many good reasons for us to build and be part of an engaged community:

  • MapD is open source software - all of the core functionality is open source, and we need help from community members to find bugs, fix bugs, and develop new features.
  • MapD’s users are our best advocates - excited users tell their friends and colleagues.
  • MapD’s users help each other - users provide technical support and use cases to each other.
  • MapD’s users provide breadth - the really interesting use cases and edge cases and feature requests and wonky workarounds come from users that can poke and play and stress test MapD.

We envision a community that includes anyone using MapD, anyone working for MapD, and anyone that’s ever promoted MapD as an awesomely extreme analytics platform. We’re all in it together.

What Do We Want From You?

This is very simple. We want you to enjoy using MapD. But more specifically, we want you to help others enjoy MapD, by participating. Please consider any or all of the following:

  • Find new use cases - tell us about new use cases, or better yet, build a demo and show it to us
  • Contribute bug reports and code - make MapD better by improving the open source portions directly in GitHub
  • Contribute questions and answers - get help and help other users in our forums
  • (coming soon) Enhance the Documentation - add best practices and request clarifications or new topics

What Do We Promise?

First of all… we promise not to use our administrative powers or inside information for ill. We won’t sell your information to a third party, we won’t flood you with communications you don’t want, we’ll always err on the side of opt-in, and we won’t censor information we don’t like… with some exceptions. We promise to do a lot more listening and collaborating than talking and managing.

Second of all… we won’t use the Community programs as sales and marketing channels. There are plenty of ways to get in touch with salespeople, and we’re pretty sure you can find them.

Third of all… we will enforce basic standards of decency and civility and propriety. We encourage you to read our full Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct, which expands upon our three themes of:

  • Be Nice
  • Be Helpful
  • Be Free

On behalf of all us, we thank you for all of the appreciation and participation. We can't do it without all of you.

The Community Team
Aaron, Easy, Veda, and Emily

Eric Grant

Eric Grant manages Community programs for HEAVY.AI. He enjoys participatory technology, information architecture, and long walks on the beaches of data lakes with users.