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Dec 17, 2020

Delivering Real-Time OTT Campaign Audience Analytics for Advertisers and Brands

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Tru Optik, a TransUnion company, an identity resolution leader across streaming and connected media, has integrated OmniSci’s real-time analytics platform into its leading OTT (Over-the-Top) campaign measurement service Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV). With OmniSci’s ability to process billions of rows of data with millisecond speed, Tru Optik is offering clients real-time reports via an interactive dashboard detailing in-campaign measurement of reach, frequency and audience validation for Over-the-top TV and Connected TV advertising campaigns. At a time when it has never been more important to deploy ad dollars smartly and efficiently, sound measurement is the key to this effort.

Tru Optik’s CAV is purpose-built to deliver unbiased real-time OTT campaign measurement. CAV provides the accuracy and depth advertisers need to understand and improve reach, frequency, and device delivery. With a patented ability to directly sync OTT screens to 80 million U.S. households, CAV’s massive scale gives advertisers a precise, detailed view of campaign performance at the publisher and device level. In addition, CAV is platform agnostic; Tru Optik does not buy or sell media, serve ads or manufacture OTT devices.

OmniSci’s groundbreaking GPU and CPU parallel processing technology has transformed data analytics for companies in multiple industries. The platform can process and visualize massive amounts of data at the speed of curiosity, enabling users to better understand quickly evolving data-led scenarios. The scale, accuracy and real-time reporting capabilities of OmniSci within CAV is helping advertisers to optimize their OTT campaign performance, and to deploy their advertising dollars more efficiently.

“With the massive increase in OTT consumption, brand marketers cannot afford for deficiencies in measurement to stand in the way of effectively engaging with consumers,” said Marc Hollander, Tru Optik CTO. “With OmniSci, Tru Optik can rapidly render insightful views into massive rows of data within seconds, and present in an interface that is intuitive and easy to interact with.”

“Tru Optik is committed to delivering real-time insight because that is what advertisers expect,” stated Joe Lee, VP Global Sales, OmniSci. “The integration of OmniSci accelerated analytics into CAV makes Tru Optik even more competitive in OTT, one of the hottest and most dynamic parts of the entertainment media industry.”

About Tru Optik

Tru Optik, a TransUnion company, identity resolution powers the streaming media ecosystem.Tru Optik’s patented Household Graph™ of more than 80 million U.S. homes enables the world's leading brands, agencies, media companies, and platforms to engage consumers across OTT, streaming audio, and gaming with unmatched scale and accuracy. To learn more about Tru Optik visit:


HEAVY.AI (formerly OmniSci) is the pioneer in GPU-accelerated analytics, redefining speed and scale in big data querying and visualization. The HEAVY.AI platform is used to find insights in data beyond the limits of mainstream analytics tools. Originating from research at MIT, HEAVY.AI is a technology breakthrough, harnessing the massive parallel computing of GPUs for data analytics.